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Blurred Vision

Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by purplepenguin, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. purplepenguin

    purplepenguin Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes:

    I have clambered back onto the wagon and am holding on as tightly as I can! I'm eating well but have noticed that my eyesight is blurred. I know it is because my sugars are coming down quickly and I know it will settle (it did last time at least) but I wondered if anyone has any advice about what to do whilst it settles. I can see long distance with no problems but close up is very difficult and is giving me a headache (or is that carb flu?) My laptop is currently at arms length so I can see it.
    I am lucky that I am on annual leave at the moment so don't have to read unless I want to.
  2. DCUKMod

    DCUKMod I reversed my Type 2 · Master
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Hi there purplepenguin - I didn't suffer from this, but some people find, as an interim measure, some cheapo ready reader, reading glasses arer helpful, and literally at just a few pounds a pair, from wherever (probably even pound shops), it's no disaster when you need to change them, or throw them away.

    Could be worth trying.

    If it goes on, then have your eyes checked over.
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  3. wookie101

    wookie101 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi Purplepenguin,

    I've had ups and down with my vision. My journey started with me going blind as a result of a HbA1c of 103 back in 2015!

    What I would recommend is that you go and have an eye tested, this should be free for you as you are diabetic, if they recommend glasses for reading, great (although do bare in mind that while you're having high's and low's) when it rectifies itself your glasses prescription could well change again.

    However they should give you a copy of your prescription, if not ask for it and as them to explain it to you, as you need to know the glasses strength that they may be recommending. Don't buy anything from them just yet, let them know that you're wait for your eyes to settle and return.

    But then do as per the previous message, pop in Wilkinson or poundland etc., and find the glasses section and try on a pair of the ones that match your prescription. Hopefully both your eyes will be the same as in +1.50 +1.50, as if they are different, then a cheap pair could make things worse, as cheap pairs assume that both your eyes require the same prescription. IF they are different then only a pair from the opticians will work.

    But lets assume the bright side and both eyes are the sames and you try a pair and you ' Can See....'!!!!

    I have several pairs I think 5 pairs for £12 from amazon so if they break or I lose them, its no bother, where as if I lost my expensive pair (yes sadly I bought a pair and then realised after I didn't need to as both my eyes are the same), So I have those at work for when I'm tired and need to wear them for the computer...

    Still hope all that helped, no sense getting ripped off, but lets the expects at least check you out.

    Best of luck.
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  4. Flora123

    Flora123 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I had this but it does return to normal eventually. I have many pairs of reading glasses from Poundland. My doc told me not to change my prescription glasses or contacts as my eyesight would change back and he was right.
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    #4 Flora123, Aug 19, 2018 at 11:02 PM
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
  5. Ross.Walker

    Ross.Walker Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    When I got my hba1c stable and below 40 my eyes settled right back to normal, yes you will experience oddities for a while.

    if in doubt see the optician, just don't spend a fortune on new glasses

    lastly keep it going, your doing great
  6. PenguinMum

    PenguinMum Type 2 · Expert

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    I know my sight has got worse not really blurry though. I last had them checked Nov 2017 which led to my diabetes diagnosis. I have had my hospital test a few months ago which showed background retinopathy. In April my HBA1c was 41 and in July 37. I am not sure how long to wait for my eyes to readjust before having another test for glasses.
  7. Resurgam

    Resurgam Type 2 (in remission!) · Expert

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    Rather than go through the full eyetest just ask at the desk if they have any cheap reading glasses - explain the problem and you might even get some expert help, or at least the loan of the 'howsthat' board with the various sizes of print so you can see how they work.
  8. AJ1971

    AJ1971 Type 2 · Member

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    I get blurred vision quite a lot but not sure its down to glucose levels as I have had 6 ops on my eyes, 5 in the right two correct squints and 1 squint op on the left. I get a lot of a ghosting where I can see the text under the text I am reading. Even my reading glasses doesn't help that much. I am short sighted and my eye muscles are weaken due to the operations.

    I recently had my eyes tested and i have had a change in prescription again so trying to pay for my glasses which is around £150. I will need to start putting a small amount of money away each fortnight so that when I have my next last next year and I know that I will have to replace again as this has been like this since my late teens.
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