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Conflicting information

Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by Amberleigh, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Amberleigh

    Amberleigh Type 2 · Member

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    My last Hba1C was 107 which is way too high. I was taking one metformin before brekkie and 1 before dinner plus having a weekly injection 0.5ml of Ozempic.

    When I saw the diabetic nurse at GP she upped metformin to 2 tablets before brekkie and dinner.

    I am currently partaking in a weight management programme at my nearest major hospital. As part of that I have access to their diabetic nurse specialist. I told her my latest result and she feels they should add another Med in. She suggested gliclazide. The nurse at the surgery did not want me to take that due to possible weight gain. The hospital nurse said weight isn’t the main focus right now, it’s getting my diabetes in better control.

    I’ve really struggled sticking to low carbs, I just find it confusing. I know that would be the biggest help.

    The hospital nurse wrote to the drs and I’ve got another diabetic appointment on 9th March.
    I do test my bloods pretty regularly , and it’s usually 10-13.5 at the moment.

    I always feel intimidated by my diabetic nurse at drs and my own dr, is working at another surgery. He’s the diabetic specialist and the other gp who is, is off on maternity. I wish I knew more so I’d feel better able to discuss my options.

    anyway else had conflicting advice and how do you deal with it?
  2. bulkbiker

    bulkbiker Type 2 · Oracle

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    What do you find confusing? We can certainly help to make things clearer.

    www.dietdoctor.com is a great source for both low carb recipes and visual guides as to what is best to eat.
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  3. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey I reversed my Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Just to further complicate matters, Gliclazide works mostly by beating the pancreas into submission and making it produce even more insulin. If your insulin levels are high, which is typical of T2, then it will clean the blood while worsening the underlying problem.

    Your best bet is to stick around here and read, read, read. We don’t all agree on everything, of course, but there’s so much information around that you will eventually tease out what you need to know and will be better informed. In turn making you better able to make future choices that work for you.
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  4. xfieldok

    xfieldok Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I found keto, 20g carbs per day, hard at the beginning. Once you get through the carb addiction it becomes easy. Watching those numbers tumble is very satisfying.
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  5. ianf0ster

    ianf0ster Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I have just responded to another thread saying that I personally would have grave doubts about taking Ozempic because of the listed side effects.


    Again if I was overweight (I never have been), I wouldn't like to be taking Gliclazide because of the almost guaranteed weight gain associated with it.
    Still each person needs to find their own path to health so I recognise that medications such as these may play a part in the way some choose to control their T2D.
  6. JoKalsbeek

    JoKalsbeek I reversed my Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I dealt with the loads of conflicting advice I got by listening to my meter. It told me whether someone was full of it or whether something really did work for me. So I just experimented and ended up with low carb.

    What exactly do you find confusing about it? I know it's a big adjustment and takes a while to learn everything, what the boobytraps are, the loopholes and whatnot.... Anything in particular? If you want to give it another go, and I do strongly advice it, try and keep it simple at the start, while you figure things out. Stick with eggs, salads, above ground veggies, meats, fish and poultry. Keep it as simple and yeah, boring maybe as possible until you have a grasp of things. https://josekalsbeek.blogspot.com/2019/11/the-nutritional-thingy.html <-- that should help. I usually tell people to try Dr. Jason Fung's the Diabetes Code, Dietdoctor.com and this forum's website, but for now... Just dealing with that page and a half or information might be enough to at least set you on the right path. No need to go overboard when you're feeling overwhelmed already.

    So basically... Stock up on teststrips, read, breathe, and trust that you will be okay. We're right here if you have questions.
    Good luck!
  7. Honeyend

    Honeyend · Well-Known Member

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    To make it simple carbs are mainly from things that are grown in a field and are not green, so any thing made from wheat, barley oats, or says 'healthy grains' avoid. Same goes for any form of potatoe.
    Fruit stick to berrries, avoid oranges, grapes', the banna and any 'healthy fruit' drinks.
    If it came from an animal and has none of the above eat it. You can have a sausage but not the sausage roll. Eat cheese yoghurt milk with nothing added.
    To make it really difficult they have put the carb content on the back of packaging, look for less than 10g per portion. I have a rule of 10, if its 10 or less I will eat it, so I do eat chocolate, just not a whole bar.
    The best GP to listen to is Dr Unwin,

    The explaination on 'sugars' in food is about the best, and he will give you hope.

    If you are not testing I would think about getting a cheap kit. I only test after meals, and aim for under 8. Some people are really good at testing before and after but I snack alot so there really is no after, and its not so much of a chore.
    So if you numbers are high after a meal the chances are that some carbs have sneaked in.
    Remember that your doctor and nurse should be helping and if they are confusing you that not your fault.
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  8. Lucylemonpip

    Lucylemonpip Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I eat lowish carb, but mostly can’t be bothered to look at recipes, as they often want you to use so many ingredients and it’s all a bit of a faff! Lol. I will occasionally cook or bake something if I feel like I want to try out a recipe, but for every day type meals, I just want them simple and quick to make. So, I have meals like:

    1.) Salmon fillets x 2 (Sainsbury’s frozen) baked in foil with a bit of butter and lemon juice, with a mixed leaf salad and a couple or 3 small baby plum tomatoes, plus a few cubes of Feta cheese. I use low carb balsamic salad dressing, along with a smallish spoonful of sweet chilli sauce (this is a bit indulgent, but my bg is ok with it).

    2.) Pork chops, or pork medallions fried in butter, plus salad, toms and feta, as above with salad dressing. Small blob of French mustard.

    3.) Chicken slices with salad, as above, plus some bacon rashers, some cheddar cheese and a bit of chutney that I did actually make, as its low sugar.

    4.) Steak fried, with fried mushrooms and salad, as above. Maybe some bacon as well.

    5.) Omelette - cheese and tomato or mushroom and / or bacon or ham.

    With some of the meals above, like the pork and steak ones, I’ll swap out the salad with oven baked kale or broccoli, having baked them with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper and garlic granules. Very nice and surprisingly tasty. I also like sliced runner beans.

    When we do eat out, I’ll have something like an all day breakfast, or like the other day, I had scampi, chips and salad. Luckily, my bg only goes up by 2 or 3, so to compensate I’ll get on my exercise bike and do 3 miles while watching a favourite tv programme, to bring it back down and maybe do a 14hr fast from later that evening, which also helps set things straight again.
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