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May 13, 2017
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Mar 12, 1979 (Age: 42)
The Netherlands
Journalist, non-practicing

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Well-Known Member, Female, 42, from The Netherlands

Hi. :) Aug 27, 2020

    1. Kellie*
      I think I’ve figured out what’s going on, my blood pressure seems to drop very low after I’ve eaten
      1. JoKalsbeek
        Record any numbers you might be seeing on a meter, both blood pressure and blood sugars. Readings can vary when you're at a doc's, and they need to know what the numbers are as what you're experiencing is happening. Include what you ate as well. For the time being maybe some more salt intake to keep blood pressure from plummeting, as you wait to be seen?
        May 27, 2021
    2. Kellie*
      I tried to reply back to you on the thread and it wouldn’t let me. My sugar before my dinner was 7.2 ( I know it’s early for dinner but I don’t eat lunch) I had a low carb meal of chicken kale spinach red cabbage and a load of other greens and the symptoms are happening again, very blurred vision and headache
    3. Nick99.9
      Hi Jo, thank you so much for the info on low carb beers. I’d never heard of them. I can’t reply on the forum for some reason so I had To say thanks this way
      1. JoKalsbeek likes this.
      2. JoKalsbeek
        My pleasure! :) And,cheers!
        Sep 26, 2020
    4. JoKalsbeek
      Hi. :)
      1. xfieldok
        Hi Jo nice to see you but easy does it. XX
        Aug 27, 2020
        JoKalsbeek likes this.
    5. JoKalsbeek
      Thought I'd carefully get my toes wet again, but I'm clearly not ready yet. Still. I miss you guys, just so you know.
      1. Antje77 and Juicyj like this.
      2. Brunneria
        We miss you too.
        Aug 18, 2020
        JoKalsbeek likes this.
    6. JoKalsbeek
      Carefully getting back into the swing of things. ;)
      1. Diakat likes this.
    7. JoKalsbeek
      Taking a break, will be back eventually. Be well, be good to one another. Love! Jo
      1. Antje77, Lamont D and Juicyj like this.
      2. Juicyj
        Take care Jo x
        Jul 20, 2020
        Antje77 likes this.
    8. JoKalsbeek
      Last HbA1c was 36, as of June 2020. Diet-only (LCHF, Keto, IF), no meds. T2 Diaversary 26th of July (2016), when I was 37 years old.
    9. 0firefly1
      Hi JoKalsbeek , I would like to print out your The Nutritional Thingy, if that is ok with you, so I can give to the other half to read, and thank you for putting it in an easy reading manner. 0firefly1
      1. JoKalsbeek
        You can do with it whatever you want to do! If it can help, especially. :)
        Jun 3, 2020
        0firefly1 likes this.
    10. Honeyblossom
      Thankyou for your earlier post and link to read. It is really helpful & reassuring.It was my first ever post on this forum and I keep getting error message when replying to you. Grateful for the advice.
      1. JoKalsbeek likes this.
    11. NitinHP
      Loved your blog 'nutritional thingy'. A very easy and supportive read.

      Bread is history
      1. Chris26111980 and JoKalsbeek like this.
    12. poemagraphic
      Hiya just read your 'Nutritional Thingy'.
      Great work.

      KISS... Keep It Simple Stupid. People love over complicating stuff, waffle on, write or say huge tombs of work, massive treatises and ****** all that is as helpful and as constructive as your thingy is, well done you.

      1. JoKalsbeek likes this.
    13. JoKalsbeek
      Last HbA1c was 33, as of March 2019. Diet-only (LCHF, Keto, IF), no meds. T2 Diaversary 26th of July (2016), when I was 37 years old.
      1. Diakat likes this.
    14. Sean01
      Hi. I read your post. Excellent --99% spot on. The one thing you missed (unless I skimmed over it) was exercise - By the way, it appears that you have disabled the opportunity to reply. I hope you didn't do it to avoid any backlash from people who might not agree with your thoughts. What you have advocated is absolutely spot on. You may find you will only get positive comments.
      1. JoKalsbeek
        I'm having a hard time interacting with people at the moment, hence the no-comments; that's on me just being me. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I could learn something, but right now I'm not in a space where comments work. ;) As for exercise, I don't know much about it. And as nutrition's food, that I do know something about. ;) But thanks for reading&taking the trouble to respond!
        Feb 20, 2019
        Sean01 likes this.
    15. Mudaiar2625
      thanks for your hit on like button ,
      1. olusennuga and JoKalsbeek like this.
    16. JoKalsbeek
      Last HbA1c was 34, as of September 2018. T2 Diaversary 26th of July (2016)
    17. JoKalsbeek
      Last HbA1c was 34, as of September 2018. Diet controlled, now attempting Keto and IF. T2 Diaversary on 26th of July (2016).
    18. Shecat
      From a post of yours I saw I presume you have PCOS, sorry if I am wrong My Wife has PCOS and is having massive problems shedding weight, any ideas? She is pre diabetic but delusional because she thinks she can not become Diabetic because she takes Metformin She watches what I go through so must be in denial, I am a 34 Year Diabetic Warrior
    19. JoKalsbeek
      Last HbA1c was 34, as of May 2018. Diet controlled, now attempting Keto and IF. T2 Diaversary on 26th of July (2016).
    20. JoKalsbeek
      Last HbA1c was 38 on LC/HF. Hoping to drop it, and my weight, further on keto. Just diet, no meds.
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  • About

    Mar 12, 1979 (Age: 42)
    The Netherlands
    Journalist, non-practicing
    Type of diabetes:
    I reversed my Type 2
    Treatment type:
    Diet only
    Walking on the weekends.
    Books, christmas, photography, music, writing, learning, cats, cats, cats. (Lions, tigers and.... Housecats. Oh my!). Travel used to be high on my list, but our cat has been on insulin for years, so we always have to be home in time for his shots. I've not traveled far since the T2 diagnosis.... But one day I'll see Venice again, and London. Who knows, maybe even set foot in Canada again... I'll do fine in the UK and other English speaking countries, but ah, how do you order keto in Italy? ;)
    I dislike a whole lot.
    I'm Jo, born in '79, and stuck with a myriad of issues, both physical and mental. So though I studied to be a journalist, I only published a few articles and photo's, in the Netherlands and abroad. (You can guess how irate I get when journalists do a shoddy job of their research... Especially about T2!) No job, so guess I'm a housewife. A lousy one, but still. I'm a wife, and I'm usually at the house! So yeah. Thankfully my husband took me on, issues and all, and we've been happily married since 2008. We have one cat, our little black pirate, Night. He's diabetic too, since pancreatitis killed off his insulin-production. It's cost him an eye so far, but he's quite happy on his Lantus. And without his meter it would've been even longer before I'd have found out my own diagnosis. (Yeah... I measured my sky-high bloodsugars while on my own, at home. Talk about the floor opening up beneith you. Now there was a surprise!). So, what else... I just try to make the most of life, within the limits my body and mind put on me. And they're pretty constricting limits. But if I don't make it work, no-one else'll do it for me, and life's got to be worth living, right? So I'm trying. Spend a lot of time photographing animals in zoo's and their natural habitats, going to castles and palaces for more photo ops, and I can't resist a good comic con or fantasy fair.


    Last HbA1c was 35, as of May 2021. Diet-only (LCHF, Keto, IF, Carnivore), no meds. T2 Diaversary 26th of July (2016), when I was 37 years old.
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