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In the news.

Discussion in 'Diabetes Discussions' started by Fleegle, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Sue192

    Sue192 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I'm ok with the choc/vanilla/strawberry-flavour vomi.... (a good mixer/blender is vital!) but one of the question marks over VLCD shakes, bars etc is the fact that they are very sweet. Some VLCDs have soups and savoury sachets which does help (does the ND?) but if the shakes are all sweet, what about those who crave sweet things? I am again thinking of post-ND - if you have a sweet tooth, which may or may not have contributed to T2, I wonder if that craving has disappeared? There is a huge amount of psychology wrapped up in VLCDs. Please don't misconstrue my pondering - I love reading members' successes with low-carb, ND, keto etc as those methods have worked for them - I am genuinely curious about the psychology linked to this type of diet.
  2. Dark Horse

    Dark Horse · Well-Known Member

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    There's quite a lot of info from the Newcastle University website:- http://www.ncl.ac.uk/media/wwwnclac...ancecentre/files/low-calorie-diet-article.pdf
  3. woodywhippet61

    woodywhippet61 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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  4. seadragon

    seadragon Prediabetes · Well-Known Member

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    My issues with the ND are:

    1. If you are not overweight to start with it doesn't help. Not all T2s are obese.
    2. It meant starving yourself and being hungry a lot - not only do I think I'd lack the willpower but as it's a carby shake it would affect my short term BG levels which was a major problem I had before getting off the carb roller coaster through a low carb lifestyle.
    3. It's too early for there to be any long term follow up as to how the participants got on two or more years down the line and what do they eat after the ND? If they went back to 'normal' diet how many of them were able to keep BG under control?
    4. Prof Taylor did say somewhere that it was the 10% weight loss that was important rather than the quickness. As a side effect of low carbing I lost 10% of my weight anyway and it hasn't altered my response to carby foods at all.

    However if people think it's right for them they should be encouraged and it's got to be better than bariatric surgery which is the other 'breakthrough' that seems to be getting a lot of attention in the press recently.

    If you have the willpower and support to do ND that is great but I would imagine for a lot of people the low carb high fat lifestyle is a much easier option and one that can be happily kept up for a lifetime once habits are changed, no starvation, no need for willpower and sweet or carby foods become less attractive the longer you continue low carb and you don't need medical supervision and there is a lot of support from low carb forums etc.

    I guess I would choose a lifestyle diet over an extreme one.
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  5. JohnEGreen

    JohnEGreen Other · Master

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    Even Santa has gone ND now.

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  6. Burg

    Burg Type 2 · Member

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    I don't think low cal would have worked for me initially.However after some weeks of low carbing and the subsequent reduced hunger I think it would have been a lot easier.Low carbing was working so well in terms of weight loss I saw no reason to change.In fact the success I was having was motivation to continue.
    What I would like to know is whether the two approaches are just different ways of achieving the same end, or whether they each achieve different results.
    I think the the longer term approach needs to be looked at.With low carb we need to find the level of, and particular carbs we can manage with.I have found my insulin resistance hasn't changed even after getting my hba1c below 40.I still need to maintain very low carb.Others have been more successful.I think I can continue my current diet indefinitely.
    But what happens with the low cal approach?Does it have a different effect on insulin resistance?Would I have improved my insulin resistance if I had gone low cal?
    Then of course,we're all different.
  7. lucylocket61

    lucylocket61 Type 2 · Expert

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    I can only speak of my experience which is that the type of calories I consume make a very big difference. I tried eating 1200 cals a day of just my usual diet, 150-180g and didnt lose weight. So they I tried eating 1200 cals of low carb, medium fat and protein a day. My carbs are around 80-100g a day. And I have now lost nearly 2 stones in 18 months from eating this way.

    So for me, the carb reduction as a proportion of my intake was crucial to my weight loss.

    Quite aside from my blood sugar levels dropping as a consequence within days of my dropping my carb intake, before I had even lost 1lb of weight.

    I should also say that, for various medical reasons, I can do little exercise.
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  8. first14808

    first14808 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hmm.. Good point. So pink sludge mixed with a dry vermouth? Yellow sludge with dry ginger and a dash of bitters? :p

    Good point, and where the health industry lacks imagination. So the ND shakes are meant to be eaten with veg.. So courgettes washed down with chocolate? Perhaps more main-course oriented flavours should be tried, like bacon. And bacon. And maybe prawn cocktail, pickled onion or just plain'ol cheese and onion. But like you say, might be an opportunity to help wean people off sweet things.
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