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Is it stress, depression or burn out?

Discussion in 'Emotional and Mental Health' started by kaup, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. kaup

    kaup Type 1 · Well-Known Member

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    I’m a diabetic 1 with Autism. For the past 3 years i have felt constant fatigue, no motivation, sleep issues, stomach problems, bad memory and concentration issues.

    I took antidepressants Cymbalta 60 mg before this during 8 months for major stress and it helped me with almost no side effects.

    But after i quit antidepressants Cymbalta 60 mg ,the fatigue, no motivation, sleep issues, stomach problems and concentration issues has been persistent in my life. Now for 3 years.

    No matter how much rest i get i feel tired. Even if excercise, eat healthy, do yoga and meditation.

    My blood sugar levels has been up and down lately. But even if they are controlled i feel the same.

    A cause could be that i have worked on a lot of projects during the past 3 years.

    It went as far as that i started to get suicide thoughts. I do not feel any ups or downs in my life. Things i used to like to do isles enjoyable. I rather stay at home than being social.

    I believe i have major depression and i have visited psychologist and psychiatrist who have advised me to take antidepressants.

    But the question is if I’m stressed, have major depression or simply burnt out.

    I certainly feel that i have a huge major depression. My OCD thought are back and i have been stuck on testing my blood sugar 10-15 times per day during the past year. Which also could bring my stress levels up. The past year has been very stressful for me work wise. But even if i get a weekend of rest i don’t feel rested. I have been to different psychiatrists and psychologist and the conclusion is either major depression or burn out.

    I barely have the energy to clean my apartment anymore, wash my clothes or think about my hygiene. I feel tearful occasionally on some days.

    I have thought about taking antidepressants again, particularly Cymbalta since it worked for me the first time. But i have been afraid of taking them.

    Instead my psychiatrist described me brintellix (Vortioxetine), 10 mg per day for my depression.

    But the question is, i’m i stressed, depressed or burnt out? Anyone have been in a similar case? I just feel dizziness and fatigued each day with no motivation.

    Any experiences of the antidepressants brintellix (Vortioxetine) for major depression? I’m so afraid of starting to take them, but i don’t want to feel this way of every morning waking up with no motivation for anything that the day brings me.
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  2. leahkian

    leahkian · Well-Known Member

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    I have had depression for about 21 years now and in the most part have taken the same tablets they have tried me on different tablets but they do not work. If i was you i would go to your GP asap and ask him about restarting Cymbalta as it had worked in the past. When you have depression or burnout you do feel tired, unable to motivate yourself and when you wake up you do not want to get out of bed. It seems that you have a stressful job as well and with depression it is not a good mix. The thought of taking your own life is a major concern i have thought about it myself but have not got near it but you do need help, over the years i have seen a range of mental health workers who have helped me. The thing is that when you have something stuck in your mind it is hard to break the chain and then OCD gets even worse. The stress will effect your BS levels I would get up in the morning and get to see your GP that day and forget about work it will still be there when you feel better, you may need a couple of days in hospital for one to one therapy. Doing this may be the best cause of action and have you got no family or close friends that you can talk to. Mental illness has lost its stigma that you are crazy and when you feel better do not come off the tablets all together just reduce the dose a bit but as you no you have to take one days at a time. Hope you get it sorted and please let me no how you are getting on,
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  3. Freema

    Freema Type 2 · Expert

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    Hey burn out and long term stress and depression can be felt like What you write , I have been feeling the same way like you , cymbalta helped me for 6 years after that They stopped working

    It seems But I also was not able to take them as They caused serious skin problems and blood pressure problems in me ... it is difficult to find a medication that helps depression so if no sideeffects I would be asking for the same medication that had helped me once ... we are all very different and What is acceptable and helpful for one persons body is many times not for another person , so it would really be irresponsible to advice for us when it comes to medication advice
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  4. JoeCo

    JoeCo Type 1 · Member

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    The specific source really doesn't matter and in any event all of these things overlap, so the treatment option is still the same (antidepressants). You've stated that yoga, meditation, etc. isn't helping so this is clearly not a light bout of depression that a few jogs will clear up. You also state that you yourself suspect major depression and have been advised by psychologists and psychiatrists to take antidepressants. From my own personal experience with this, I would strongly encourage you to follow their advice. I understand the hesitation to take more drugs but I can assure you that not taking antidepressants when there is a clear need is one of the worst decisions.
  5. Caz_B

    Caz_B Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    It can all be a vicious circle with different things having a knock on effect ie lack if sleep can lead to lack if motivation due to lack of energy. It also can lead to depression as they seems to be no light at the end if the tunnel. Sadly anti depressants alone are not enough....it comes down to how you feel your time. It's about trying to motivate yourself even when you don't feel like doing things but of course tiredness can hamper that. Other thing is just being depressed makes you feel tired. X
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