Stomach Bloating


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Hi @Pearl51, and welcome.
I imagine we are not alone in having this uncomfortable thing happen.
It may be due to too much fibre intake or a change in fibre from the 'Three Bears' Just right to too little or too much.
I have seen people who drink too many fizzy drinks with bloating and also those that 'air swallow', usually what I gather can be a nervous trait or a habit where with eating, drinking and sometimes when not doing so they swallow excessive air. The remedy, believe it or not is to train themselves to not close their mouth when swallowing. If you do not seal off your mouth when swallowing you cannot trap air in.
Reading up on diabetes autonomic neuropathy I gather abdominal bloating can happen as one manifestation of this form of neuropathy. Of course a doctor would need to assess and determine if this was the cause.
I hope you do not have too much trouble and that you have found some remedies !
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