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Type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 hands on

Discussion in 'Type 1 Diabetes' started by Matenemeth, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Matenemeth

    Matenemeth · Newbie

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    Hello all

    I want to start this thread to see how peple with type 1 diabetes, who are infected with the coronavirus, fair. I could not find anything on the internet, where people share their experiances.

    My goal is to give hope to my fellow diabetics who have not caught this disease and fell like if they do, they will die because we are vulnerable to any disease.

    I have been diagnosed with Corona virus a couple of days ago so this is my personal experience. I am a type 1 diabetic (since 2012) male, 34 years old Caucasian, I smoke cigars regularly and occasionally drink alcohol.

    Besides the smoking I take my diabetes very seriously, im pretty cut, I strictly keep my diet, in summary my condition is very good. I was very concerned that if I catch Covid-19, I will instantly be hospitalized and later might die.

    This is what happened to me in reality.

    Once again this is my own case, I am not a doctor, I am not telling anyone what to do, not to do, This is my personal experience:

    Counting back I got Covid on 2020.10.26. Monday at work. My colleagues did not wear masks, cause they dont believe Covid exists even though we already had 2 cases. Humanity right.

    Before I start to describe the symptoms I will give you a summary If your not interested in the details. Let this be the takeaway:

    You will know if you have Covid, it feels different then anything before. So don't worry how your gonna diagnose at home, you will know.

    Please do not take the loss off smell and taste, and fever as the biggest identifiers. When I told people I have Covid (boss, parents, wife etc.), they all told me, no fever, no loss of my taste and smell equals: No Covid. Riiiiiight.

    Read everything on the internet, summarize your own symptoms and act accordingly.

    The journey:

    On Thursday I started feeling very tired. Unnaturally tired, as in I wanted to sit down where I was standing and sleep. I fell asleep every 2 hours sitting down, like if I was 80. Eyes like a panda, black and baggy, a lot of people asked me if I was ok at work. Parents friends told me, oh its foggy outside and the weather is gray and bla-bla-bla. You're not sick I have been tired too.

    This is not that kind of tired, do not give yourself false hope. Blood sugar levels went through the roof, as with any infection.

    On Friday my chest around my heart started to feel like somebody put their hand on it and pressed gently. It sort of felt like I will have bronchitis soon, but the cough and the mucus never came. At this point I was sure its covid. In two day my chest was burning. I took a lot of (CBD) oil, I use it for back pain, and it seems to help a lot for me. I could feel the inflammation regressing in a couple of hours. I am not advertising or recommending, just to be clear. CBD felt good for me.

    I had no fever and I still don't. On the weekend I was feeling heavy, slow, very small coughs. I had all the symptoms of the flu but all of them were mediocre. This is how you know its covid. Everything is there, but its different.

    By Monday I bought a test for myself got the positive result, my symptoms started to disappear. My nose had this wierd tingling in it, and in 30 minutes my smell was gone. No mucus, nothing, just like that, sense of smell gone. 1 week later., not right away.

    Next day I could feel less of flavors.

    Couple of days after, I feel very good, no new symptoms, of course I am in quarantine, but I am not dying.


    If you are a diabetic IT is not predestined that you will be hospitalized or die of Covid-19. We need mental relief too, take care of yourself and do not be afraid.

    Don't catch this **** take every precaution you can and keep yourself healthy, as you do every day.

    If you do catch it like me, do not be affraid we will live through this together. Thank you guys for reading this. And please share your experiences, maybe somebody will feel better if we give a little hope :)

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  2. DCUKMod

    DCUKMod I reversed my Type 2 · Master
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Hi there - I do hope you feel much better soon.

    On this forum we have had a few threads posted by those who have been diagnosed with and recovered from COVID, as well as a few who have been unfortunate enough to continue to experience Long COVID.

    I appreciate there are a lot of COVID/Coronavirus threads on the forum, but it could be worth a look, if you would like to read of others' experiences - Types 1 and 2.

    Did you see, or speak to, any of your medical team through any of this? If so, what sort of advice did they give you? Why did you have to buy a test, was there nothing available to you locally?

    It's hard to tell from your post if you are in UK. If you are in the UK, it would be interesting to know what the general COVID status is around you - like which Tier your town is in (well, before the lockdown tomorrow begins).
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    #2 DCUKMod, Nov 4, 2020 at 6:58 AM
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2020
  3. Jaylee

    Jaylee Type 1 · Moderator
    Staff Member

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