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Type 1 Diabetic - Obese and addicted to food

Discussion in 'Eating disorders and diabetes' started by T1Dinsadd, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. T1Dinsadd

    T1Dinsadd · Member

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    Hello - thank you for your reply.

    I wanted to mention on different note my average day(s) from a log that I keep...

    10/14 - (This was a day I had heavy carbs, but was more lenient than normal)
    3:04 AM - 116
    6:05 AM - 143
    7:08 AM - 175
    10:00 AM - 109
    1:00 PM - 215
    3:03 PM - 183
    4:05 PM - 96
    8:15 PM - 82
    10:00 PM - 86

    10/15 -

    3:30AM - 46
    6:00 AM - 296
    7:09 AM - 215
    10:00 AM - 92
    1:50 PM - 175
    3:15 PM - 215
    5:50 PM - 111
    7:30 PM - 176
    8:50 PM - 313
    10:00 PM - 210
    11:00 PM - 110

    10/16 -

    3:20 AM - 70
    6:00 AM - 134
    7:20 AM - 175
    9:00 AM - 216
    10:10AM - 134
    1:10 PM - 52
    2:00 PM - 234
    4:26 PM - 248
    6:43 PM - 143
    8:50PM - 175
    10:00 PM - 222
    11:30 PM - 96

    10/17 -

    1:46 AM - 122
    2:43 AM - 132
    6:45 AM - 143
    7:45 AM - 175
    8:43 AM - 144
    10:00 AM - 101
    1:00 PM - 86
    4:00 PM - 184
    5:16 PM - 215
    7:09 PM - 202
    9:30 PM - 86
    And just now @ 90.
  2. T1Dinsadd

    T1Dinsadd · Member

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    I don't always check my blood sugar this much but I did so far this week just to see if it was still normal. Prolly won't check it much next week, maybe twice a day next week or something.
  3. T1Dinsadd

    T1Dinsadd · Member

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    Soooooooooo anyone by chance got any opinions ?
  4. Antje77

    Antje77 LADA · Moderator
    Staff Member

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    Looks like you have a tendency to go high after hypo's. Possibly overtreating?
    What insulins are you on? Most of us test at the least before meals to decide how much quick acting insulin to take, as it depends on the amount of carbs and on current bg.
    A lot of us test after meals as well to see if a correction is needed. How do you decide on dosing with only 2 tests?
    Do you drive? In the UK it's mandatory to test before driving and every 2 hours to prevent hypo's. Even if it's not mandatory where you live I wouldn't dare to drive without knowing where my bg is at.

    I'm sorry i can't be of help as to your original question.
  5. T1Dinsadd

    T1Dinsadd · Member

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    Yes, definitely overeating after hypos.

    I'm on Apidra and Lantus.
    My bg levels are more often than not completely normal before I eat... just from years of experience I guess.... and I did show my tests after meals, two hours after actually. But like I said before, the reason it gets so high is due to how many carbs I am eating not the insulin amount I am taking.
  6. DCUKMod

    DCUKMod I reversed my Type 2 · Master
    Staff Member Administrator

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    @T1Dinsadd - Hello there. I'm not going to say anything about your insulin or blood glucose levels, as others have made comment, but maybe touch on what you describe as your addiction.

    Have you considered having a look at what you're eating, from a symptoms perspective, as well as blood sugar? In your shoes, I'd look to go through a period of fairly intensive monitoring, recording blood sugars, everything eaten and drunk, any exercise taken, and symptoms. From there you might be able to see trends.

    I'm sort of wondering if you have a sensitivity to something you are eating; particularly as you identify your over-indulgence seems to focus on Chinese food.

    My rationale is many moons ago, well before diabetes entered my life, I was having symptoms - very different to you, but having rejected my GP's suggestion of high doseages of painkillers, I went to see a naturopath, who also ran some tests. She then suggested she felt I had a food intolerance and put me on an elimination diet. The diet was pretty dismal - lots of boiled rice and chicken and not too much more for a period, then slowly adding foods back.

    In terms of adding back, she suggested I start with any foods I liked and couldn't really get enough of. I identified those as tomatoes, oranges and a couple of other things.

    When it came to it, I decided to go a little off-piste and try adding in some other things first, just to make my meals a little more interesting, but when I did get to those "favourite foods", hey presto, the symptoms reappeared.

    Her feedback was that consuming foods where an intolerance exists triggers reactions around cortisol and histamine which are strong hormones.

    Those foods were gone from my day to eating for quite some time. I don't eat oranges anymore, but I can now happily have tomatoes, without any reaction.

    You may just find you have a particular trigger food, like wheat noodles, or even MSG. Could be worthwhile.
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