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Type 2 Advice needed please ...

Discussion in 'Ask A Question' started by Mal37, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Mal37

    Mal37 Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Today I took my waist measurement ... 32 inches, so right on the borderline
    I was 30 inches this time last year, and weighed 10 lbs less, and I want the best advice out there for getting back to
    my Summer 2016 weight of 9st 7lbs.
    I've had a difficult '2017' emotion-wise, with two family losses, and am now trying to remember how I originally lost 22 pounds in weight without even noticing it coming off.
    I take just one 500mg Metformin tablet each morning now (since beginning of January this year) ... and it's since I've been down to that one tablet that the weight has escalated slowly, and my eating has increased of course ... in that my appetite is far more than it was.
    For breakfast today I've had a bowl of fresh raspberries (about 10) with two tablespoons of extra thick cream, and a cup of tea.
    If I eat cream at breakfast should I then avoid it all day?
    My other passion is nuts ... but how many is too many as I must eat about 7 - 10 walnut halves during the course of a day as well as 3 or 4 brazils and the occasional couple of almonds (I pick at nuts throughout the day ... not all at once)
    I don't think I eat too badly as a rule but there are days when I'm a bit down and eat a small slice of cake or a little snack bar.
    Any advice to the questions asked would be so appreciated as I really do need to get on track. Thank you
  2. LittleGreyCat

    LittleGreyCat Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Metformin is used as an appetite supressant so you could talk to your medical team about increasing your dosage.

    You don't say how your blood glucose is doing during this weight gain; this may indicate if you are putting on fat because of too many carbohydrates on the bad days.

    I am sure that you are aware that breaking a LCHF regime for a short time can throw your metabolism out of kilter for a much longer period. This may be what is happening.

    I would concentrate on eliminating those little "treats" if possible. I know that it is hard if you are feeling down.
  3. Resurgam

    Resurgam Type 2 (in remission!) · Expert

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    I find that fruit is best left to later in the day, and breakfast is usually kippers or eggs or sausages, or left over meat from dinner.
    It is also obvious from the last few weeks experimentation that I need to eat fats to lose weight. Cream is just about invisible on the insulin response graph, like other fats, and not all fat is absorbed - it can just go straight through, unlike carbs which seem to be absorbed entirely, even if not needed.
    In older times - when people in general were so much thinner, breakfast was chops or steak, and the fruit and nuts were the last course of the evening meal along with the brandy wine or whisky. There might be a reason for that - perhaps.
  4. Fruitella

    Fruitella Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    If you are a bit vague on the amount of nuts eaten could you count them out in the morning in a couple of containers then once they are gone they are gone. And maybe one tablespoon of cream for the raspberries instead of 2 and see if that has an impact.
  5. Daibell

    Daibell LADA · Master

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    Hi. With regard to eating you just need to check that the treats aren't taken too often. Fat is generally OK unless taken to excess. Metformin is a good drug and a prescription can be increased up to 2000mg per day. Note, however, that it's effect will always be small compared with a low-carb diet
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