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Stopping metformin?

Discussion in 'Diabetes Discussions' started by Rstew2207, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Rstew2207

    Rstew2207 Prediabetes · Newbie

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    Hi all!
    I'm new to this forum so excuse me for any mistake I make.
    Just a briefly gext about me.
    I'm female, 18. I was overweight for long before I reached out and then I was just a little away from having diabetes type 2.(pre-diabetes)
    Just a background: it's genetic. My hrandma had too, it passed on to my aunts, uncles and mom, and it passed on me.
    I was weighting around 100 kilos at 1,65m.
    Went to the doctor (Endo) and he said I had to loose weight fast otherwise I'd end up with diabetes.
    Overall, first too months of metformin (2000mg a day) did nothing but give me diarrheas and I still gained weight, no changes in appetite.
    But at some point, I myself decided to change my diet to loose weight, get in shape.
    I don't think metformin helped me loose weight but my diet, I worked a whole lot on it to be balanced!( I may be wrong about met helping me or not, don't judge!)
    I did a lot of efforts to loose weight , I lost 33 kilos and I'm now with 65 (been pretty consistent for the last 8 months, gained 2kgs but lost them immediately).
    Doc says he doesn't want to loose any more and that my blood sugar is almost normal!
    He reduced from 2000mg to 1000mg met a day and since December he reduced from 1000mg to 500mg only.
    My weight fluctuates, from say, 65-67 but never goes further (say when I eat a bit more at a party or so) but I manage to get it down anyway.
    At the very beginning, my doc told me met wasn't going to make me loose weight.
    I didn't have any appetite changes at all, sometimes I'm really hungry but I manage to get it under control.
    I walk regularly.
    My question is, will I gain weight when I'm off metformin?
    I'm beyond scared because I worked a lot on it ( won't detail it but I have severe depression due to being fat and people bullying me, so I'm terrified of gaining back).
    PS: I didn't notice any weight gain when reducing. Also my periods got more regular when I had lost 10 kilos ( around 4 months on met) can it be related to met or weight loss?? Also I started having weakness and hypoglycemic episodes once I stopped loosing weight and still on 2000mg.
    Thoughts on this, y'all?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Resurgam

    Resurgam Type 2 (in remission!) · Expert

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    As a full blown diabetic with a lifelong problem with gaining weight when I eat carbs, I think that the problem is the carbs we are supposed to eat.
    Metformin did nothing for me except make me feel very ill.
    I stopped taking it and just ate the diet I always managed to maintain my weight - no more problems with diabetes and my weight dropped.
    Perhaps if you reduce the carbohydrates in your diet you will see normal blood glucose and not have any more trouble with your weight. It was the only way I ever lost weight, a so called balanced diet was always a total disaster for me whenever I was instructed to try eating that way. You will probably have to battle it out with your HCPs if you want to stop Metformin with their blessing - though informing them of the hypos and feelings of weakness might help you win the argument.
  3. DavidGrahamJones

    DavidGrahamJones Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. The simple answer is no.

    When you burn fat, it doesn't necessarily leave the body the same way as the waste from what we eat, although a small % might. My understanding and it seems to make sense is that burning fat is a chemical process and therefore we actually breath it out much like car exhausts, the result of burning a fuel.

    As mentioned in the previous post, keeping an eye on carbs is an excellent idea, the guidelines given by the NHS are intended as a one size fits all, overlooking the fact that we are all different. I know that I should never have followed the advice I was given in 1997 when first diagnosed, my diabetes just got worse.

    Well done on the weight loss, quite an achievement, so long as you keep doing what you're doing, you should be fine. Eating more than one should or could will lead to weight gain, but you have to continue eating more than you should or could to maintain that excess weight.
  4. Daibell

    Daibell LADA · Master

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    Hi. Metformin has very little effect on weight. It helps a little to reduce the liver's output of glucose. A low-carb diet is always the best way to try to reduce weight and you seem to have achieved that. You only need to carry on with the Metformin if you need that little bit extra BS control. BTW Metformin SR (Slow release) normally avoids bowel trouble
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