Type 2s: What was your fasting blood glucose in a morning? (very low chat level)


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This is quite remarkable? How has your journey been so far?

I was diagnosed in September 2015 just in the Type2 diabetes level. I was prescribed Metformin 1 tab to take with my evening meal. Shortly after diagnosis I discovered this forum and after adopting a low carb diet my HBA1c dropped so that I was taken off Metformin and have been diet controlled ever since. When I cheat a little I can see my levels rise in my morning fasting bloods. Last night I had some dark chocolate 90% cocoa so that this morning my blood glucose levels were 6.1 which is slightly higher than I would like. I am generally reasonably strict and try not to eat bread, root veg, pasta and rice etc which has helped me lose over 2 stone in weight so that I weigh a little over 8 stone. I am 5ft 6ins tall so look very thin. You seem to have done very well reducing your blood glucose so you must be doing something right. It is a difficult journey at times and I feel I should be more vigilant to keep my bloods under tighter control. Hope this helps.
Regards Janet.