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Your feedbacks on the best food supplements

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments' started by mike05, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. mike05

    mike05 MODY · Member

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    Hi there dear community !

    We know it is very difficult to come up to conclusions in terms of the efficiency of certain food supplements. Let's try and make this post a comprehensive recap of all your experiments and feedbacks over the years in terms of the actual effect on blood sugar from supplements you might have tested. Especially Berberine, Amla, R-ALA, cinnamon, turmeric, apple cidar vinegar... And also let's try to differentiate wether it has an effect rather on insulin sensitivity or on insulin secretion stimulation.

    Let's go for it ! :)
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  2. rosemaree

    rosemaree Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I decided to try Amla, I have been having trouble sticking to my lifestyle plans due to stress and other issues, so was looking for something to support my bg levels in the interim.
    I bought the powdered organic amalaki, tried to take it in water :wideyed: it's a bit hard to get down, but after 3/4 days I did notice slightly lower morning readings, although I seemed to get higher after meal spikes.

    Going to try take it with a smoothie rather, will keep you all posted on how it goes!

    Would be great to hear others experiences with alternative treatments/supplements!
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  3. D@n1el

    [email protected] Prediabetes · Active Member

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    For a month, after reading a while about things that theoretically could be good to the pancreas and insulin secretion, I've combined 1800mg of Berberine, 1500mg of Bitter Melon extract, 1 raw garlic clove (5g~9g, very hard to take it), a small piece of Ginger (20g~30g, not that easy either) and a hard to define amount of capsaicin (20~40 drops of Tabasco pepper on food, no idea how much capsaicin that is).

    My average FBG dropped about 7,75%, from 96,37 mg/dL to 88,9 mg/dL (this is average, on some days I'd have 108mg/dL, for instance, I am a prediabetic). During this month, I ate freely, there was good food, but also junk and chocolate and many other stuff. I've tried many diets for over a year, I just couldn't handle always having something forbidden anymore, specially because my BG was slowly rising no matter what I did and how disciplined I was. I've tried from full vegetarian to carnivore, from 16-hour fasting every day to 7-day fasting twice (3 months distance between each 7-day fasting).

    With all those things I'm still taking (berberine/bitter melon/garlic/ginger/pepper), one thing I simply cannot understand is that now usually when I eat more sugar, the next day I have lower FBG. I've never experienced anything like that before. I take no medication. So, for instance, I've been getting better FBG the day after I eat 100g of chocolate than the day after I eat 50g, On a particular day I ate rice and potatoes, no candies at all, and I was surprised my next FBG was higher than the values I'd get after chocolate days!

    I've decided to try something related to pancreas and β cells simply because my HOMA-IR index (1,00) and HOMA-β index (44,26) implied (just implied, I know those indexes have limitations) I don't seem to have an IR big issue but I do seem to have an impaired insulin secretion all right.

    I am a lean pre-diabetic and I still haven't tried traditional medication for treating diabetes.

    If anyone's interested, a few links on the things I've tried:


    Bitter Melon



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  4. alangdunbar

    alangdunbar · Member

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    Organic Flaxseed Mix from The Foodie Market (Aldi Product) & also Lamberts MultiGuard Control from many health food shops (tablet multicompound)
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