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Carbs vs other sugars

Discussion in 'Type 2 Diabetes' started by Over the hill, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. Over the hill

    Over the hill Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I have read numerous posts re a low carb diet but haven't seen much re what i can eat in relation to chocolate, sweet treats or drinks. I don't have a lot of these but was wondering what effect it would have on me.
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  2. bulkbiker

    bulkbiker Type 2 · Oracle

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    You could try some and test?

    Very dark chocolate is sometimes ok (over 70% cocoa)

    Sweet treats per se are best avoided as they can cause all sorts of triggers that lead to bad habits.

    Sugary drinks are mainly bad so also best avoided entirely.

    Edit to add... carbs turn to sugar once ingested so carbs are sugar.
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  3. lucylocket61

    lucylocket61 Type 2 · Expert

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    Carbs are sugars. Sugars are carbs. All forms of them.
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  4. jjraak

    jjraak Type 2 · Expert

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    Hi mate

    Early on this is all a little bewildering.

    I'd suggest that this early the best advice is cut back as best you can.

    And test what you suspect MIGHT be an issue.

    Depending how well you can cook,
    It felt for me like I 'could' replicate anything given the right ingredients...

    So I gave it a go.
    Results were mixed, to say the least.

    And not really worth the effort for me, imho
    But I do know others have had spectacular results

    As for how some things might affect you ..test.

    Only way to be sure and prove to yourself how well or poorly you deal with sugars.

    Have to be honest at the moment your list of foods is getting lines drawn through a lot of them.

    This is your period of testing and defining what you can eat safely.

    So go test, prove to yourself why you can't eat X

    And why Y is a better choice

    In case no one's mentioned

    Dietdoctors visuals

    Was a great visual guide for me early on and helped point out what made better choices for me

    Good luck
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  5. ultradad

    ultradad Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I have 2 chunks of 90% lindt chocolate every night as my treat and does not effect my BS but everyone is different so just test bloods 2 hrs later. The only thing i drink is black coffee and water. I tryed vodka topped up with slimline schwepps and was ok with that over christmas.
    Just got through my first christmas as a diabetic and did ok, looking at my plate with turky, pigs in blankets and brocolli was different but i am ok with that
    Watched this video yesterday and found it helpful

    Hope you have a healthy new year
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  6. Mbaker

    Mbaker Type 2 (in remission!) · Well-Known Member

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    Pulling together my experience, and what I observe from many others once diagnosed is that often the following happens:

    As @Oldvatr stated replacing sugar based treats has varying results. I would say most are fine with low carb vegetables in place of starches, for meat eaters the proteins are identical. Many struggle with the removal of potatoes and rice.

    It is the sweet things that can be a gotcha. "We" have been use to, up to the point of diagnosis, of having sugar based meals for 30 / 40 / 50 years several times a day, when 2 or 3 generations ago, a sweet treat would have been a single orange at Christmas (an anecdote from my wife's Grandad). It is a physical and mental adjustment to then potentially change eating rituals "baked" in. This is when bridging the gap with might be an idea, such as stevia based home made afters in the short term. I believe if a whole food animal based Keto-ish diet is employed, sweet taste preferences automatically shift to savoury.

    What I can say with some confidence is that my family have found it impossible to get bored of meat / fish, as there are so many ways to cook; over the Christmas period we were at Steak and Co, where you finish your steak on an individual hot plate, what a taste. When the rest of my party had sweet desserts I had 2 further servings of the best seasoned prawns I have ever had. Similarly last night at Stoke by Nayland Hotel / SPA / Golf Resort in Suffolk, our steaks, chicken and vegetables were delicious - I had a cheese board (with my contraband home made smuggled in seed crackers and nuts - sorry, but these should be offered on the menu (they cater for other diets), the others had an indulgent dessert.

    It looks like in the States Keto treats are far more prevalent compared to the UK. There are pros and cons of this, as the "cleanness" of these and the effective replacement with a potentially bad habit with another can be dangerous for results. The medium sweet items I have (for other reasons other than sweet taste) are all of the berries, occasional home ripened plums and cherries when they are not ripe.

    Personally I would forget about out of the box so called treats, they spike non-diabetics as well, make your own or choose the likes of berries.
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  7. TriciaWs

    TriciaWs Type 2 (in remission!) · Well-Known Member

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    I can safely have 3 pieces of 85% chocolate now, at first it was just two but I have milk in coffee and greek yogurt with a few fresh raspberries most days.
    I have made some of the low carb cakes - gets a bit of used to cooking with coconut flour but ground almond cakes and 'pastry/crumble' are easy.
    Don't forget the double cream! I sometimes make chocolate mousse by melting 90% choc with a little sweetener and warmed double cream.
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