Type 2s: What was your fasting blood glucose in a morning? (very low chat level)


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9 and half but this is good comparison to what I was new meds. If you are below 7 don’t you panic?
What’s lowest before you get concerned pls?
Morning @lotuslight and welcome back to this FBG thread for type 2s. It's good to see you again.

The answer to your question depends on your history before your recent change of medication. At the outset, the numbers are relative. If your usual FBG readings are, say, 9-10 mmol, a sudden drop to 5 mmol can feel like a lot, but if your FBG numbers are typically around 5 mmol, a gradual reduction to 4 mmol is perfectly feasible.

Have a read of this thread and you'll see that some of us are happy to coast along in the 4s and 5s.
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