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Very Tired On Low Carb Breakfast

Discussion in 'Reactive Hypoglycemia' started by Razper, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Lamont D

    Lamont D Reactive hypoglycemia · Master

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    If your blood sugar levels have improved, you are on the right track and your body is still in the process of change to lower carbs, your body is telling you to increase the carbs, when you really don't! There is no reason why, you should not go Keto or as near as you can, just hovering above will do nicely as long as you are aware of your blood sugar levels continually.
    I don't eat enough vegetables, but have enough fat and different proteins and a few veg to help get my balance as right as I can.
    Unless the weaknesses in your legs are caused by something else, then it should slowly get better as your energy levels get better.

    Keep persisting with low carb, it is hard and demanding, but the benefits are really good.

    Best wishes
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  2. Razper

    Razper Reactive hypoglycemia · Active Member

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    Thank you so much guys... you really cannot imagine what your help means to me, God bless you!

    Actually Lamont I felt so weak today - I measure my sugar and it was 4.9 mmol/l which is pretty stable... but I was feeling bit shaky and irritable, almost as if I was hypo... but I wasn't. So I took a bit more carbs, the symptoms vanished almost instantly (in 10-15 minutes) but 3-4 hours later I was in the 4.1 mmol/l range and I was feeling weak again.

    Maybe I'm confused since I think that to be functional, a male like me needs around 200 grams of carbs per day (this information I took from some fitness site), and limiting myself to 50-80 grams per day, I'm thinking that I might be limiting my body from vital carbs for my survival and energy.

    When a person is in ketosis, he uses the fat as a source and maybe that's why the energy is improved, but will my energy improve if I continue and persist on 50-80 grams of carbs per day, which so far keeps my blood sugar pretty stable.

    Is it hard the transition to ketosis, and what if accidentaly I get out ot ketosis? What should I do if I enter keto and somehow have low bloog sugar? How to fix it since I cannot eat carbs? Maybe I cannot wrap my head around the concept of just limiting the carbs on one hand, and on the other hand being in ketosis.

    Last two days I learned to eat cucumbers and tomatoes (which for the last 27 years since I was born I didn't eat). I'm determined to succeed. It's not all about the blood sugar, I want the stable blood sugar, but also stable enegy, because I don't want to have normal sugar, and be so weak that I barely work... :)
  3. Resurgam

    Resurgam Type 2 (in remission!) · Expert

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    Sorry but there is no need for carbs - we do not need them in our diet as long as we have protein and fats - though I eat plants to get the micronutrients such as vitamin C as it is destroyed by cooking.
  4. HSSS

    HSSS Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    It sounds very much like a false hypo. Fundamentally your body having a toddler tantrum about you withdrawing its sugar fix. Like a toddler ignore it and it’ll go away.

    The fitness site is wrong. They probably know nothing of ketosis. Elite Olympic athletes do keto. Tour de France cyclists do keto. You just need to do it right. Carbs are non essential to human life. Protein and fats however are essential. At 50- 80 carbs it’s not highly likely you’ll enter keto anyway. The lowest level most people usually hit it is around 50. You can go in and out of it very simply just by adding, dropping carbs. It’s no big flag waving event.

    Your energy will improve once you get through this “carb flu” stage, even quicker if you ensure you are getting enough fluids and electrolytes and fats.

    Under 4 is classed as a true hypo in regard to medicated diabetics. That said many non diabetics walk around quite happily in the 3’s. Should that actually happen then indeed do have a ‘small” amount of carbs to correct it. The key word being small. It no one (imo) would advocate not treating a hypo at all just to maintain ketosis.

    You’ve been given great advice by other rh’ers. Try and give it a chance to work.
  5. wiflib

    wiflib Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    I’m a tall, sturdy and very active woman and I’ve survived on less than 20g of carbs a day for almost 11 years. Recently my carb level has been negligible.
    You’re false hypoing. Don’t feed the symptoms as this just confuses the dance between your liver and pancreas.
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