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Why Do Diabetics Fail To Adhere To Dietary Regimes?

Discussion in 'Diabetes Discussions' started by datkins65, Aug 1, 2016.


Why do the majority of diabetic patients fail to follow their dietary regimens? Primary reason.

  1. Socioeconomic; lack of funds to purchase healthy choices

  2. Lack of education or knowledge about diabetes

  3. Fresh vegetables and healthy food is not available.

  4. Depression or mental health issues

  5. Does not understand about the progression of diabetes if not managed.

  6. Not willing to change or not ready to make a change.

  7. Advanced age; in denial that dietary changes can make a difference.

  8. Youth: The idea that they are invincible to these problems & unwilling to give up fast foods.

  9. The prescribed diet was not effective.

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  1. hornplayer

    hornplayer · Well-Known Member

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    Um, yeah. That's not going to work.
  2. Brunneria

    Brunneria Other · Guru

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    Blimey. I couldn't even get out of bed if I was stuffing that many carbs.
    And I wouldn't be able to fit in any other food at all.
    So I wouldn't get any actual nutrients!
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  3. Geminigirl

    Geminigirl Type 2 · Well-Known Member

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    Exactly lol !
  4. Cindylover1969

    Cindylover1969 Type 2 · Member

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    I voted depression, but yeah temptation is a factor as well. Although one area where I have managed to restrict myself is chocolate (usually only once a week)... if I could do that with other sweet things that would be great!
  5. Bebo321

    Bebo321 Family member · Well-Known Member

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    Wow! I've only just caught up with this thread - looks like the forum did an excellent job of making their feelings known. ;)
    It frustrates me how those working within a healthcare/education don't appear to recognise how utterly prejorative and patronising their language can be. 'Adherence to' 'Compliance with' - it is wholly offensive and yet endemic within the industry. It seems to me that the approach to healthcare needs to fundamentally change. It is still entrenched in the doctor/patient 'I know best' attitude of yesteryear. Although in many instances this is going to be true, with the advent of professor Google and access to high quality information online (perhaps through abstract research or forums with shared personal experience) this attitude is no longer appropriate.
    I must say I feel a little sorry for @datkins65 as I have no doubt her intentions are entirely innocent and she is genuine in her desire to help.

    For any healthcare professionals (as yet unenlightened) who happen to read through this thread, take heed, because the worm is beginning to turn. It means that people are choosing to take ownership and responsibility for their health and no longer blindly accept what the 'experts' say. Surely this is something that should be encouraged? Putting an end to the use of prejorative language would be a good first step in acknowledging this.

    Sorry folks - I'm back off my soap box now!:)
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  6. Indy51

    Indy51 Type 2 · Expert

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    Since the OP hasn't been here in over 11 weeks, I pretty much think we've scared her off ;)

    Very eloquently put, @Bebo321 :cool:
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