1. J

    Recipe Apps?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask if you know of any good apps to help find diabetes-friendly recipes. I have been using this app called TasteMate recently, but I want to hear if you all use anything else for finding recipes. Thank you all!
  2. T

    how much carb is allowed per day for type 1

    hey guys is it fine if I increased my carb intake a little bit I'm eating 50/60 grams per meal 3 meals a day my total carb intake is 150/180 grams a day i want to increase it to 60/75 per meal so it will bring the total to 180/225 my ratio is 1 unit for 17 gram is it ok if i increase it and...
  3. Z

    T2 controlled with diet question

    Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year at the age of 38. I have probably had it for a while, as 18 months before I was referred to opthalmology with a microaneurysm in each eye. I had an hba1c test at that time but was mistakenly told my results were normal. I've been...
  4. C

    Diet rather than Victoza.

    Hi everyone, thanks for allowing me in! I am pre diabetic and weigh 25 stone. Clearly what I have is more than just a situation of "eat less, lose weight" as there are mental issues involved as I was neglected and starved as a child and now food is the whole world to me! I am not yet...
  5. C

    Dinner surprises without CGM

    So my Libre trial ran out and I’m just using a simple finger prick test some mornings and about 2hr after new meals so I can see how they affect blood glucose. I was missing pasta a lot today so I found a simple recipe online (32g each of lupin flour and wheat gluten plus an egg) and made my...
  6. C

    Breakfast Surprises using CGM

    Hello, I was diagnosed type 2 in July (result was 53) after a few years of rising HbA1c levels not highlighted by GP. Not medicated & so decided to "find my own way" seeking advice online etc. Recently trying a CGM which shows I wake up with 5.9 reading, which fluctuates all day around 7...
  7. S

    Which diet(s) are people using?

    Hi all, Someone I know with pre-diabetes was asking about different diets. I looked at the front page and see there are diet guides for a number of different diets. As well as voting, feel free to reply with comments on how easy your diet is to stick to, and if it is working for you. Thanks!
  8. S

    OGTT test - HbA1c: HELP

    Good afternoon, A couple of years ago, my doctor prescribed some blood tests. The outcome of the HbA1c was 41 mmol/mol (5.9%), just below the pre-diabetes level. It was strange because my glucose levels had always been fine. Following the outcome of the blood test, I kept getting tested with...
  9. M

    Regarding Rasam and Sambhar the typical South Indian soups or soup-likes

    For realistic carbohydrate calculations, one needs to know what they are. South India is famous for its lentil-based super delicious vegetable preparations. This is consumed two times a day in most homes. The carbohydrate and calorie values for these are non-existent or absent. Even those that...
  10. S


    Hello everyone, So I do not know where to start so I was diagnosed with type 2 in august 22 with a hb1ac of 69. So when I got this I turned off my desire for full fat coke and I switch to brown bread and rice, fast forward to today my diet has changed completely. I went to the doctors last week...
  11. H

    Reading of 123 mmol/mol - Best ways to bring it down?

    I'm a 27 year old male who's just had my highest reading of 123 mmol/mol. I eat badly - mainly down to an eating disorder, I have liver disease and high cholesterol but I've lost over 2 stone since my first diagnosis which was 80 mmol/mol. I could really do with some encouragement... Have I left...
  12. RobertJ

    Mixed feelings about 'Type One Talks' on YouTube

    Who here has seen Type One Talks? He has about 90k subscribers so is very popular. He mainly focuses on diet and fitness in relation to Type 1. I'm not sure quite what I make of him, though, because his message is the opposite of the message I gleaned after doing my first DAFNE course in 2007...
  13. the-mental-one

    Type 2 What to eat when ill

    I've recently been quite ill, a restaurant fed me something I was intolerant to despite telling them about it and I spent a while recovering from that but went to a comic con anyway over the weekend and managed to pick up a fluey type bug with some diarrhoea and lots of sneezing...which is fun...
  14. C

    Weight loss help - doing it all right?

    Hi everyone, I’m a type 1 diabetic currently in recovery from an eating disorder, alongside this I would restrict my insulin to prevent weight gain, I’m now doing my insulin and physically feel a little better, but I am really struggling with the weight I put on, especially as it’s been so fast...
  15. A

    9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

    9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes that could make you healthy
  16. want_to_be_well_

    Type 2 HBa1C test - and the HbA1c Units Converter – DCCT to IFCC

    Hi There, I had a recent HBa1c test and was shocked to find that my blood sugar levels had gone up to 45. The last time I was tested was pre lockdown and it was 38 back in Oct 2019. I put the figure into the HbA1c Units Converter- DCCT to IFCC and was surprised to read that it said my blood...
  17. Natthenewbie

    New diagnosis - blood sugars won't come down!

    Hi all! Got a diagnosis of type 2 a couple of weeks before Christmas. A bit of background: - 35 years old - Healthy BMI of 23 and an OK diet (love my fruit and veg, no major sweet tooth, just love a glass of red or two at the weekends and a slice of bread and butter) - Exercise regularly -...
  18. AGC_68

    Fasting Blood Sugar this morning + yesterday's food AND physical activity

    Hi, What you eat and what you do one day has a big impact on your FBG the next. So, I thought I'd start this thread to see if there are others out there that enjoy incorporating physical activity as well as diet in the approach to dealing with T2. So that we can post what we are eating, our...
  19. P

    Recently(ish) diagnosed Type 2

    I was diagnosed in July as type 2 following a blood test for an unrelated issue. My HbA1c was 69. The diabetic nurse wanted to get me started on metformin immediately. Now I’m not anti-medication or anti-modern medicine in any way, shape or form, but I do not believe that it should...
  20. D

    Sharing what worked for me

    11 months after being diagnosed with T2D, the past week has been firmly in remission territory. This is what worked for me, in case it helps others: - Decision to lose weight right to the edge of the low end of the normal weight range for my sex, height, and age. (Inspired by the findings of...