1. ElizabethMcCallister

    Could anyone please provide documentation or proof that T1Ds are allowed to carry food & drink regardless or what rules businesses have?

    Question regarding businesses that say no outside food or drink allowed. I brought my 8yr T1D to a local skating rink this weekend. You purchase your tickets at a window then they buzz you to go into the rink. After I purchased the tickets I was told I needed to return the juice & snacks I...
  2. C

    Diet rather than Victoza.

    Hi everyone, thanks for allowing me in! I am pre diabetic and weigh 25 stone. Clearly what I have is more than just a situation of "eat less, lose weight" as there are mental issues involved as I was neglected and starved as a child and now food is the whole world to me! I am not yet...
  3. JasKM

    New member. Diagnosed Mody HNF4A after being misdiagnosed with Type 1 after 23 years.

    Hi All, My names Jas. I'm 39 and have been Diabetic since the age of 16. I have joined the forum to obtain further insights into thos living with MODY and the impacts to their life. Also to get an understanding of how I can make it work for me after only knowing Type 1 for 23 years of my...
  4. Cloudlesssky

    Artificial 'Sugars'

    Hello Team 2! I've been trying to look for information on sugar replacements - in cold drinks, rather than cooking! In the recent hot weather alongside water, I have had Pepsi Max and Diet Coke, and most recently Volvic flavoured water (other brands are available!) but am I right in thinking...
  5. A

    9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

    9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes that could make you healthy
  6. BongoSam

    My first week being diabetic

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, and wanted to introduce myself, but also just share my story and get some much needed advice! (I'll apologise right now for the length that this will inevitably be - I like writing!) This time last week I was 4 days into feeling pretty ******. I had caught a cold...
  7. S

    Really struggling with food ideas

    Hi All, So I've been diagnosed with fasting levels of 21 and a hba1 (whatever it is) of 128. Been told to limit carbs to 100g a day and obs cut all sugar. I have no gall bladder so need a low fat diet and I can't digest protein well - gives me severe digestive discomfort. I don't know what...
  8. DMWinter88

    Hit me with your low carb lunches!

    I've adapted to low carb breakfast, dinner, and snacks just fine, but lunch is killing me. I think it's because for as long as I can possibly remember, lunch = sandwich and crisps. That's literally all I've ever had for lunch. It doesn't help that it has to be low carb, lowish calories, tasty...
  9. DMWinter88

    Are cheat days allowed?

    I was told I was borderline diabetic, so I've been doing low carb, calorie counting, and walking to lose weight. My question is, are cheat meals allowed? For example, if I was to have a burger and chips once a month, or a slice of cake at my daughters birthday party, is that generally okay if...
  10. TerryB65

    Fried rice, bean sprouts, curry, chips...

    I want it all! Considering my last post was bemoaning that I can't get my bs down this seems a bit like a glutton for punishment post. Hit me with your suggestions for ANY low carb takeaway. I'm thinking large amounts of chargrilled chicken, zero chips or rice, wheat or gluten. Is kebab meat...
  11. D

    Cake Recipes

    Hi I want to make a cake for my mum who has type 2 diabetes for mothers day which is next Sunday but I don't know how to make one that she would be able to eat as obviously she can't have things with loads of sugar or carbs. So I would be really happy if people gave some suggestions as to what I...
  12. L

    Best meals for reliable accurate carbohydrate counting?

    Hi, I need to test that my ratio for my evening meals is correct, and to do that I think it would be best to have the same meal a few nights in a row and see what happens to my blood glucose levels. The trouble is that I'm struggling to think of meals where I can be sure of the carb content. I...
  13. MancboyChris

    Very Low Carb Wrap/Bread

    Hey all, does anyone know of any other websites that sell very low carb products. I usually order these from Carbzone but I have an email it will take 2-3 weeks for them to have stock. Used them quite often...
  14. Choosehappy


    Hi guys With little time to go now I thought I would get the ball rolling. I know that not everyone enjoys/celebrates Christmas and that this year it may be a little different for some. Some may find themselves away from family and feeling lonely, so I wanted to create a thread because I am the...
  15. S

    insulin for yams

    Do you need insulin for yams as they are a vegetable (I'm not talking about sweet potato)
  16. A

    Advice on rapid-acting insulin.

    Was wondering if anyone can offer advice. So I take 7units in morning and 8units in evening of levemir. I take 1unit of novorapid for pretty much anything I eat. At lunch this seems to raise my levels from 4.5-5 to around 6-6.5. This is with a small lunch. For my evening meal I take 1 unit and...
  17. D

    Cake recipes

    Hello! My mothers birthday is coming up soon and I want to make a cake for her but the problem is, is that she has type 2 diabetes and I'm very new to this kind of stuff. All I know is that there can't be any sugar and carbs(?), is it possible if you could recommend some recipes for cakes that...
  18. R

    Food plans

    Can anybody help me with some meal plans as I am struggling on what to eat type 1 diabetic fussy eater love meat and carbs struggle to get the balance right. Any one out their with any ideas for me?
  19. Vickitub

    Highs and lows

    I’m struggling to keep my sugar levels right and it’s driving me nuts. I’m doing the best I can not eating chocolate etc. I’ve been strict with it. Eating smaller portions as well. It’s getting me down to be honest. My levels have gone from 150 to 62 to 74 I’ve no idea how to fix this. Any...
  20. R

    Why are the fish dinner blood sugar values high here?

    Type 2 diabetes, attempting keto-diet... My Dinner blood sugar after two hours the last five days: Saturday: Fried Trout 180g, 7.8mmol/L Sunday: Fried Trout 140g, 7.2mmol/L Monday: Beef Menudo 180g, 6.6mmol/L Tuesday: Beef Kaldereta 200g, 6.8mmol/L Wednesday: Piri piri Chicken 180g...