Bayer's DIDGET: £5 goes to JDRF
Only £29.99 RRP (+P&P) including a £5 donation to JDRF!
Connect your Bayer DIDGET to your Nintendo DS

Bayer’s DIDGET™: £29.99 + P&P including a £5 donation to JDRF.

Getting your children into good habits early is a priority for most parents, however for parents who have children with Type 1 diabetes it is critical.

One of the biggest challenges they face is trying to instil the habit of regular blood glucose testing. New research funded by Bayer Diabetes Care revealed that when it comes to establishing daily routines for children, the majority of parents agree that one of the most successful ways of doing this is to make things ‘fun’ (57%).

Game playing

It is no surprise therefore that over 70% of parents with young children, between 6-8 years old, use game playing as a means to establish a daily routine with their children.

With this in mind, Bayer Diabetes Care in the UK and Ireland has recently launched DIDGET™, the first and only blood glucose meter for children with Type 1 diabetes that connects directly to Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DS™ Lite gaming systems.

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The DIDGET™ meter is designed to help children manage this lifelong condition by rewarding them for building consistent blood glucose testing habits and meeting personalised glucose targets.

Bayer's DIDGET: Fun and rewards!

Bayer’s DIDGET meter adds an element of fun and reward to the routine of testing and, by doing so, helps ease the parent/child tension that testing often creates. As the only meter that rewards children for consistent testing, Bayer’s DIDGET meter can transform a child’s blood glucose testing experience from something they have to do into something they want to do.

Bayer's DIDGET: On your Nintendo DS

Bayer’s DIDGET meter comes with Knock ‘Em Downs™: World’s Fair, which includes a full length adventure game and a mini game arcade. Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite gaming systems are sold separately. Bayer’s DIDGET meter, intended for use by children aged 5 and over, also allows users to access Bayer’s new password-protected web community, where children can redeem points that they earn from consistent monitoring practices and create their own page.

“The DIDGET™ meter is a revolutionary development in healthcare management. Up until now, blood glucose monitors have been created with adults in mind,” says Sandra Peterson, Head of Bayer Medical Care.“

This product was inspired by a parent of a child with diabetes, to directly address the challenges facing children with diabetes and their parents. DIDGET™ offers play with purpose to encourage children to regularly monitor their blood glucose and begin to view regular testing as fun.”

Bayer’s DIDGET is available to buy online at £29.99 RRP plus P&P, including a £5 donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. DIDGET uses Bayer’s CONTOUR® test strips, available on prescription. 

Managing diabetes at Christmas can be challenging, but Bayer’s DIDGET can help make testing fun all year round.

More information on Bayer's DIDGET
  • Nintendo DS and DS Lite systems sold separately.
  • Bayer’s DIDGET™ meter is not compatible with the Nintendo DSi system.
  • Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Nintendo DS is a trademark of Nintendo.
  • Bayer®, the Bayer Cross®, DIDGET™ and simplewins are trademarks of Bayer.
  • Visit Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation online at jdrf.org.uk.
  • Bayer’s DIDGET™ is only available in UK and Ireland. DIDGET™ is limited to one per individual with diabetes.