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This section will hopefully answer any questions you may have, while you can find loads of downloads and posters for your school, bedroom, or anywhere else you want to put them.

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Kids rule!
This section is all about diabetes and children. This section has been made for children around the ages 7 to 13.

This is the Kids Section!

This section is for children to read by themselves, with their parents or with their teacher.

Children and diabetes

Loads of children have diabetes and with careful preparation it doesn't need to affect your life too much.

Dealing with diabetes is easier if you do it together as a family and with friends.

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Kids rule!
Did you know: there are 2 types of diabetes! Read more facts about diabetes and become a brainbox. Diabetes facts >>
Hypo signs and symptoms

Hypo signs and symptoms

Read about what a hypo is, how to spot hypos at school, home or playing sport and what to do if you think you are having a hypo.

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