Alternative Treatment

Alternative treatments may assist the management of diabetes
Alternative treatments may assist the management of diabetes

CAM treatments are recognised to ease the suffering of many people with chronic diseases, including diabetes.

However, before subscribing to any alternative therapies, it is necessary to consult your diabetes health care team and your doctor.

The reason for this is to see how each individual therapy will affect your personal condition.

Complementary medicine, when practised correctly, considers all aspects of a patient’s life, as well as their physical and mental health, before prescribing anything.

Alternative treatment guides

Some therapies will work for some individuals, others simply will not.

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Diabetes and other complementary (alternative) medicines

There are numerous subsidiary CAMs and therapies available in the UK.

Some of these are derivatives of the treatments listed above, others are their own disciplines.

Before partaking in any of them, a patient should conduct thorough research, consult with their healthcare team, and make sure the treatment is being offered by a professional.

Other therapeutic approaches include colour therapy, hydrotherapy, biofeedback, craniosacral therapy, magnet therapy, meditation, Alexander technique, chelation therapy and humour therapy.

Each of these may or may not be able to help you as an individual in the treatment of your diabetes

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