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Diabetes: Real Life Stories

This section of presents real stories from people with diabetes around the world. By understanding other people’s experiences, successes and failures, it is hoped that awareness about living with diabetes can be raised.

The most powerful tool in fighting diabetes is informatio, whether this comes from medical experts or real-life tales from those who live with the disease.

We interview a range of people with diabetes and present their real life stories. To feature your own story, please contact us

I cut down on carbs
Read the story of the Diabetes Forum’s very own Biohazard.
I beat my own diabetes
Marcus’s story is a story of how he became free from diabetes.
90 year old with type 1 diabetes
Bob Krause has been a type 1 diabetic for 85 years – and is still going strong.
Type 1 after my holiday
Gillian Peace discovered she had diabetes when she came back from holiday in Thailand.
My meter improved my diabetes
Mark Austin 43 year old Contact Lens Optician who has been living with type 1 diabetes for 29 years.
Type 1 diabetes for over 60 years
Jill was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 22 months of age – that’s 60 years with diabetes and counting.
Diabetic kitesurfer
Peter Shaw is a type 1 diabetic who is a keen kitesurfer who hasn’t let diabetes stand in his way.
Diabetes UK’s President + an OBE!
Richard Lane was one of the first people in Britain to have pancreatic islet (stem) cells from three organ donors put into his body.
My trouble getting test strips
Dean talks about his disbelief at receiving too few test strips and how you will never prise his pump off him.
Diabetes charity events co-ordinator
Lee Calladine was diagnosed whilst eating a Chinese takeaway. Now, Lee works for the DRWF organising their events.
My diabetes diary
Rebecca Weddell is one of the world’s leading bead makers. Diagnosed 24 years ago, Rebecca takes diabetes in her stride.

Diabetes Blogs

Keep checking back for more real-life diabetes views and opinions. If you post about diabetes online or run a diabetes blog or web page and would like your blog or story featured, please let us know.

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