Packed full of information, special features, news and more, is now the UK’s largest community website for people with diabetes and growing fast.

  • Continually updated, free to use and available 24/7
  • More than 2 million unique visitors per month
  • Over 600,000 subscribers opted-in for twice weekly newsletter
  • Over 350,000 members using the Diabetes Forum
  • More than 40 million banner impressions a month

Geographical distribution fast growing audience is geographically distributed as follows:


  • Europe: 56%
  • Americas: 22%
  • Asia: 15%
  • Oceania: 4%
  • Africa: 3%


  • United Kingdom: 50%
  • America: 17%
  • India: 7%
  • Canada: 3%
  • Australia: 3%
  • Philippines: 1%
  • Ireland: 1%

Top 5 cities:

  • London (UK): 11%
  • Birmingham (UK): 1.5%
  • Bengaluru (India): 1%
  • Glasgow (UK): 1%
  • Sydney (Australia): 1%

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