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There are a number of diabetes books on the market, and choosing the right one will depend on how long you have been diagnosed for, what you need to know about, and how much you are willing to spend.Books for diabetes include diabetes diet books, diabetes cook books/diabetes recipe books, and diabetes reference books.A number of nichediabetes booksalso exist, including diabetes books for children and books about diabetic complications.This sectionprovides a range of book reviews to help you in your diabetes book choices. Book reviews are added on a weekly basis.

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Reverse Your Diabetes DietThe best self-help books educate you about a condition – and empower you to do something about it. Combine this with delicious recipes from around the world and you have Dr David Cavan’s new book.
Reverse Your DiabetesWritten by Dr David Cava, currently Director of Policy at the IDF, Reverse Your Diabetes: The Step-by-Step Plan to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes talks about carb intake, redefining the 5-a-day policy, how to make lifestyle changes that can be kept and blood glucose testing and control.
Carbs and CalsCarbs & Cals: Visual Guide to Carbohydrate & Calorie Counting for People with Diabetes is a highly recommended read.
The 30 Day Diabetes CureThe 30 Day Diabetes Cure is helpful and could help all diabetics to have good glucose control and avoid complications.
Essential Diabetes CookbookA lavishly illustrated and welcome recipe book that has recipes tailored to be lower fat and lower GI.
Healthy Eating for DiabetesTV chef Anthony Worrall Thompson teams up with consultant nutritionist Azmina Govindji in association with Diabetes UK.
The Diabetes Weight Loss DietRecipes are split into just over 40 recipes for weight management, with the other recipes designed for weight loss.
Gastric Mind BandThe Gastric mind Band explores and expands this idea by helping the reader to recognise their own attitudes to eating.
My Life as a PancreasThe book will make for encouraging reading for those who are also bringing up a child who has diabetes.
Stop Prediabetes NowStop Prediabetes Now may come across at first glance as something of a call to arms but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Diabetes – The Essential GuideDiabetes – The Essential Guide reflects the rise in the number of people who are being diagnosed with diabetes.

Joe’s Rough Guide to DiabetesDescribed by The Times as a ‘jaunty’ read, Joe’s Rough Guide to Diabetes is a friendly, fresh approach to diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Young AdultsThe author, Dr. Ragnar Hanas, has worked with children and adolescents with diabetes for over 15 years.

Diabetes Through The Looking GlassOne of the strongest aspects of this book, and what makes it so addictive, are the views of parents and children who live with diabetes.

Diabetes Cookbook for DummiesGetting diabetes diet right is one of the most difficult parts of having the disease. In recent years, expert consensus about the best food for diabetics to eat has shifted.

The First Year: Type 2 DiabetesThe days, weeks and months following diagnosis can be a perplexing and arduous period.

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The Reverse Diabetes Diet: Control Your Blood Sugar, Repair Insulin Function and Minimise Your Medication – Within WeeksThe media is full of diabetes books and diabetes treatments that claim to ‘cure’ diabetes.

Blood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell YouBlood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes, contains interesting and fundamental information on core diabetes topics many of which are not fully understood by many diabetics.

Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood SugarsDiabetes Solution was first published in 1997, and has become the ‘treatment of choice’ for many physicians and diabetics across the United States of America.

The Handbook of DiabetesThe Handbook of Diabetes was the winner of the Endocrinology Category of BMA Medical Book Competition in 2005.

The Diabetes Revolution: A Groundbreaking Guide to Reducing Your Insulin DependencyThe validity of this book comes in the credentials of its author; Dr Charles Clark.

Type 2 Diabetes: Answers at Your FingertipsAnswers at your Fingertips is a great reference point answering many questions concisely and with practical information.

Diabetes Cookbook (British Diabetic Association)It may have been better to see diabetic equivalents to every day recipes which could be enjoyed by people with diabetes as well as those without.

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