Diabetes.co.uk is a community website focusing on providing a comprehensive, supportive and independent experience for our visitors from across the world.

Diabetes.co.uk has developed into Europe’s largest community of people with diabetes and people without diabetes alike… and we’re only just getting started.

What is Diabetes.co.uk?

Diabetes.co.uk is a health platform and patient-support network all to do with diabetes. We publish daily news and information guides on diabetes management, research and living with diabetes. We also publish cookbooks, both online and offline.

Diabetes Forum

The Diabetes Forum is the hub of the Diabetes Community. Through the Diabetes Forum ( diabetes.co.uk/forum ), you can:

  • Find support
  • Connect with others and ask questions; and
  • Share your experiences with over 351,823 people with diabetes, their carers and family.

You can also download the Diabetes Forum App for when you’re not at your PC.

About Diabetes.co.uk

Diabetes.co.uk is operated by DDM Health Ltd based in the heart of England, at Technology House, Science Park, University of Warwick, CV4 7EZ, GB.

Since 2007, Diabetes.co.uk has grown into the largest diabetes community in Europe and receives over 1 million users a month. Diabetes.co.uk is a private organisation with an established ‘community-profit’ culture. Whatever we do, we always act with the diabetes community’s interest at heart.

We have invested over £4 million in research since 2015.

Diabetes.co.uk reinvests money earned from the platform into developing education programs for the international community, useful and informative content, apps and interactive tools to aid the community.

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