Read guides and users reviews of diabetes related products and accessories that all help with diabetes management. Sometimes, having a specific product to help you manage your condition can be very useful. For example, many people find diabetic socks useful for helping to look after their feet.

Whether it is a cooling pouch to carry your insulin, or a glucose tablet to bring your blood sugar levels back up, diabetes accessories can play a significant part in controlling your diabetes.

This section details the different diabetes accessories available to people with diabetes in the UK both publicly funded through the NHS, or available to buy privately.

If you own any of the products listed, we welcome you to add your own review, too.

Diabetes Product Name

Desang Diary
Desang’s latest product is the Desang Diary. The Desang Diary is a 64 page diabetes diary for the recording of eating habits.

Complications Relief

Autodrop from Owen Mumford was designed in conjuction with the RNIB in order to make eye drop insertion easier.

Flexitol Heel Balm
Flexitol Heel Balm is a medically proven treatment for dry, cracked feet. It was recently reclassified as a medical device.

Gel Tears
Gel Tears, similar to Rohto Dry Eye Relief is a liquid solution to solve dry eyes which can be irritating.

help:blood pressure
help: blood pressure is designed to bridge the gap between nutrition and pharmaceutical drugs.

LED Bottle Magnifier
If you struggle to read the labels on your medicines, the LED bottle magnifier can enlarge as well as lighten the label.

Lotil Foot Cream
Lotil foot cream with Aloe Vera is perfect for your feet. Lotil range of products that have been tried and tested for over 100 years.

Naqi Body Care Lotion
Belgian based Naqi produce these dermopharmaceuticals to intensively hydrate while reducing the risk of infections.

S9 Elite Sleep Apnea Device
The S9 Elite Sleep Apnea Device from ResMed is useful for those suffering from breathing-related sleeping problems.

Rohto Dry Eye Relief
Rohto solution has clinically proven product performance, showing both short-term and long-term symptom relief.

Food, Diet and Weight Products
Omron Body Composition Monitor
The Omron Body Composition Monitor measures a range of bodily activities – including BMI and body fat.

Salter Scales
Salter have come out with a new version of their scales that will inform you of the carb content of 999 foods.

Glucose, Accessories and Treatments
Gluco-carry is a convenient way for people with diabetes to carry those all-important glucose tablets.

From the makers of Glucotabs, Glucojuice is a handy shot-sized sugar boost in Berry Burst and Lemon & Lime flavours.

A liquid will work faster in your system than a solid – so smoothies, fruit juice or one of the gluco gel products are a good bet for an initial reaction to a hypo.

Hypo Symptoms Alarm
The Hypo Symptoms Alarm does exactly what it says on the tin: it detects the symptoms of a hypo.

HYPO-FIT Hypo Treatment
Coming in flat, robust packets, this is syrup that combines glucose, saccharine and fructose in one delivery.

HypoMon Alarm
The HypoMon from AI Medics is an alarm for use at night-time for detecting hypoglycaemia amongst 10 to 25 year olds.

Medidos Pill Container
The Medidos Pill Container allows you to keep your pills and test strips together labelled for each day of the week.

Novo HypoKit
The Novo HypoKit is for severe hypos and needs to be kept refrigerated or stored at room temperature.

The Tabtime 5 is a simple device to help keep you organised if you need to take pills to treat your diabetes.

Clothing and Jewellery
Duosoft Diabetic Insoles
The Duosoft Plus Diabetic Insole consists of a resilient, shock absorbing urethane base and a Poron 94 top cover.

Medic Alert
Medic Alert are a registered charity who provide jewellery for those who wish to identify their condition incase of emergency.

MediPAL ID Cards
The MediPAL® card is designed to instantly display not only diabetes type, but current medication and medical history details.

Medi-Tag Jewellery
Medi-Tag ID can reduce risk in emergencies by providing knowledge about medical conditions.

Skinnies are seam free to avoid movement restrictio, bulk and friction and aimed at people who’d like to relieve chafing skin.

Skinnies Diabetic Socks
Classified as a class 1 medical device Skinnies Diabetic Socks has specialist composite yarn used to absorb moisture.

Reebok CramAlert ID
Steve Cram teamed up with Reebok to create the latest must have for runners and their families: Reebok CramAlert ID.

Insulin and Blood Glucose Products
Clip n Store
Clip n Store is a handy accessory for those who wish to take the tops of their needles to prevent pricking.

Glucomen A1c Testing Kit
The Glucomen A1c Testing Kit allows you to perform an HbA1c test at home – although you need to send off for the results.

Groovey Patches
These fab little things are called Groovey Patches, designed by a lady who has diabetes and uses an insulin pump.

InsulCheck is a device which measures the time since your last injection. Simple, yet very useful.

i-Port Injection Port
An alternative for insulin users who aren’t too fond of needles is the i-Port Injection Port.

Self Test Blood Glucose Level Test
The Self Test Blood Glucose Level Test lets you do a test in your own home that will show if you might have diabetes.

Unistix 3
Unistik 3 is designed to take the mind off pain by distracting it. You can get Unistik 3 on prescription.

Sharps Storage and Disposal
Travel Sharps Bin
The nifty little 0.2 litre Sharpsafe is the smallest in the range, tiny enough to take on short trips and holidays.

Travel and Carry Cases

Desang Pen Pack Kitbag
Desang’s latest kit bags are the Pen Pack and Bottle Bank kit bags that are aimed at people carrying insulin pens and vials.

Diabetes Travel Pack Plus
Medical Shop have come up with a travel pack for people with diabetes comprising Frio Wallet, 0.3 Litre Travel Sharps Bi, Glucotabs and TRUEone glucose meter.

Frio carry cases
Frio cooling wallets are a simple and convenient way to keep your insulin cool if you need to. There is a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs.

Frio wallets
Frio cooling wallets are a simple and convenient way to keep your insulin cool if you need to. There is a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs.

Medicool Carry Cases
Originally from the United States, these bags can be used as either kit bags, or as cool bags.

The MediFridge aims to make travelling with insulin a less stressful business – and has experienced tremendous success.

Urine Glucose Sampling
For those wary of blood testing, there is an alternative. Not quite so accurate, urine ‘dip sticks’, such as the Diastix from Bayer.

Ketostix from Bayer is similar to Diastix in that it uses urine to detect your ketone levels.

UASure Uric Acid Starter Kit
The UASure Starter Kit consists of a UASure Blood Uric Acid Monitoring Kit, one tub of UASure blood uric acid strips.

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