If you qualify and get hold of an insulin pump on the NHS, you will be expected to insure it.

Insulin pumps are expensive items and whilst you may be able to insure your pump under your home insurance policy, it’s best not to make any assumptions.

For those whose insulin pump is not covered under an existing insurance policy there is a UK company that specifically offers insulin pump insurance.

Is it worth insuring my insulin pump?

Insulin pumps typically cost between £2,000 and £3,000 so it would be very risky to choose not to insure your pump.

What can wrong with my pump?

If a pump develops a fault and the pump is within its warranty then the manufacturer should cover the cost of repair or replacement. However, a number of other problems can occur such as:

  • Accidental damage – e.g. being dropped or trodden on
  • Being lost – e.g. in transit on holiday or when removed to play sport
  • Being stolen – this has been known to happen

Is there a specialist insurance policy for insulin pumps?

A UK company called Insurance4InsulinPumps comes recommended and offers to settle claims quickly.

Is my insulin pump covered by my home and travel insurance?

It is possible that home and travel insurance may cover your pump but as it is such an expensive item, not all insurers will cover it.

If your home insurance covers your pump, you will need to check which eventualities are covered, such as whether incidences at work or otherwise away from home are included.

How much should an insulin pump be insured for?

The NHS generally recommends that insulin pumps are insured for £3,000.

Which type of insurance policy should be chosen?

Ideally, look for comprehensive cover to ensure theft, loss and accidental damage are included.

When insuring my pump, what will I need to consider?

It’s worth consider each of the following factors:

  • The excess you need to pay if a claim needs to be made
  • How quickly a claim will be settled and a new pump sent out
  • The cost of the policy – or the cost of adding a pump to existing policies
  • The type of policy – e.g. comprehensive
  • How much a claim on your policy may affect your future premiums
  • Whether you are covered for problem away from homen, including abroad

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