Diabetes in teenage years tends to be more difficult than at other points in our life.

We look at different aspects of teenage life from school through to university and nights out and give you some practical tips to keep blood sugar levels under good control.

Guides in this section

Whether you’re in secondary school or off to university, you’ll find tips on managing your blood sugar and how to deal with nights out.

Blood glucose control

If you’re struggling to get your diabetes under good control, don’t lose heart.

It is very common for teenagers to struggle with diabetes control, with only about 1 in 7 teenagers hitting their HbA1c target

Have a read of our guide to teenagers and diabetes control which provides tips on you can start to get your HbA1c down and can also reduce some of those hypos from happening.

Diabetes at secondary school and university

You’ll need to make sure your school and teachers are aware of your diabetes

Whilst it shouldn’t get in the way of school activities, at times you may need to test your blood sugars and treat any low or high levels as appropriate so make sure your teachers know what you need to do to manage your diabetes.

At university, a little preparation can go a long way.

Make sure all your lecturers and people you live with know about your diabetes and make sure well prepared for getting your prescriptions at university

If you can ensure your sugar levels are under good control, it’ll help out your studying and social life.

Nights out

For those of you who are going out at night, be prepared by reading up on the effects of alcohol on blood sugar and how to make sure diabetes doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the night.

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