t+ Diabetes

We understand that diabetes can be a difficult condition to manage.

Having to watch what you eat and when you eat it, monitor your blood glucose levels, and make sure you have the right type of insulin at the right time is all part of the challenge.

At Diabetes.co.uk, we are always pleased when we hear about innovative ways to make diabetes management easier!

t+ Diabetes is a clever system that helps you to keep track of your diabetes - a bit like your paper diary, but using your own mobile phone instead. Instead of filling out your paper diary, you answer the questions straight onto your phone.

The difference with this system is that you actually get some simple feedback immediately after you have entered your information on your phone. This makes it really easy to see the patterns and trends of your diabetes, giving you a genuine helping hand in managing and tracking your condition on a daily basis.

Not only do you get some simple charts back onto your mobile phone, it also automatically creates your own secure personal web page. This displays your information in all kinds of useful ways, which you can then print off and take along to show your GP/Nurse/Consultant, giving them insight into what has been happening with your condition between appointments.

Call t+ Medical directly on 0800 389 3205 and they will sign you up over the phone, in which case provide the operator with the code above. This system does not work on every mobile, and respondents need to have a colour screen to use the system.