With over 600,000 members, Diabetes.co.uk is one of the world’s largest resources for people with diabetes, their friends, family and carers.

Our mission is to use digital media to shape the future of healthcare. Whether that’s through our education programs or interactions on the forum, we want to improve health outcomes in every aspect of diabetes care.

Building upon the foundations of togetherness and collaboration, the Scientific Advisory Panel was appointed to ensure Diabetes.co.uk and its respective platforms and services are guided by leaders in their respective fields to aid in accomplishing our mission.

Arjun Panesar


Charlotte Summers

Chief Operating Officer

Michaela De La Fosse

Operations Manager

Viney Mistry

Videographer and Editor

Kieran Grosvenor

Full-stack Developer

Carson Corner

Forum Support

Dom Otero

Head of Engineering

Sam Mcanespie

Web Developer

Harkrishan Panesar

Chief Technology Officer

Amar Singh

Compliance Manager

June James

Widening the benefits of digital capabilities within the nursing community

Dr Charles Fox

Exploring digital solutions to engage and affect health outcomes of older people

Dr Chris Gillespie

Providing and improving emotional support and wellbeing within the digital community

Dr Tabitha Randell

Creating engaging digital solutions for children and young people with diabetes

Dr David Unwin

Working with patients to improve health outcomes without using medication

Professor Roger Gadsby MBE

Bridging the gap between real world experience and clinical trials (RCTs)

Dr Kesar Singh Sadhra

Approaches to diabetes management in the South Asian population

Tara Kelly

Improving health outcomes through nutrition and lifestyle

Dr Peter Foley

Identifying patient goals and promoting holistic practice without medication