Diabetes clinical trials are an essential way for the medical research profession to understand more about diabetes and how it affects us

Before diabetes treatments are used to treat patients, their effects must be carefully tested in clinical phases.

What exactly do clinical trials do?

Clinical trials assess whether treatments are more effective than existing treatments.

People with diabetes can get involved with this research and participate in research trials to further diabetes knowledge.

So I can volunteer for a diabetes clinical trial?

People with diabetes can participate in clinical studies or trials, and there is often a financial reward. Diabetes clinical trial participants play an important role in understanding treatments that could help thousands or even millions of people. They may also help to prevent diabetes or even find a cure

Current clinical trials and studies taking place in the UK:

No trials currently underway. Sign up to be alerted of relevant trials here.

Could participating in a diabetes research trial give me side effects?

Disadvantages or side effects may, in some cases, be a feature of clinical trials, although of course every step is taken to avoid this.

People with diabetes that wish to take part in a research trial should consult with their healthcare team and also discuss clearly with the healthcare professionals engaged in the study.

You should be given a clear idea of what to expect before committing to the clinical trial.

Where can I find a diabetes research trial to participate in?

The resource above lists diabetes research trials that people with diabetes can participate in.

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