Travel insurance for people with diabetes is often loaded with higher premiums due to people with diabetes having a higher risk. No traveller can avoid the odd surprise but being prepared for your travels can help avoid unnecessary stress.

Whether a weekend break or a month abroad, travelling is supposed to be relaxing, eye opening and special. Planning ahead is the key to a perfect trip, and despite the European Health Insurance Card, travel insurance is a travel essential.

Why buy travel insurance?

Travelling with diabetes brings all new challenges than any ordinary holiday – keeping your insulin cool and ensuring your blood sugars are within the recommended range is even harder than usual.

While having the appropriate cover is important for any trip, the reassurance travel insurance provides is even more vital if you have diabetes.

Providing you peace of mind if anything should happen, diabetes travel insurance means you’re covered for emergencies that would typically interfere with your flights back.

For example, if you miss a flight because you’ve had to spend time in a hospital, the costs of a new flight are covered by your insurance. The same applies if, for any reason, you’ve had to cut your holiday short and you need an earlier flight back home.

Travel insurance covers scenarios that are faced daily by thousands of holidaymakers worldwide. What’s more, for people with diabetes, travel insurance can help cover the cost of medicines such as insulin should there be an unexpected emergency.

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What’s covered with travel insurance for people with diabetes?

Diabetes travel insurance doesn’t just cover medical emergencies.

Travel insurance provides cover if your holiday has to be cancelled, or your luggage is stolen, lost or damaged.

Alongside this, you can opt for a Smart Luggage policy which offers a real-time payout of up to £50 for luggage that is delayed, and a further £500 for lost luggage.

Get a diabetes travel insurance quote

Through you’ll get to compare travel insurance from multiple insurers that cover not just diabetes but hundreds of other pre-existing medical conditions.

There’s no age limit on diabetes travel insurance and you can get up to £15,000,000 on medical cover, £12,500 on cancellation cover and up to £3,000 on baggage cover.

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