Day 2, nothing too much to report except that I’m in target BGs reduced fast acting insulin. I am 100% that’s down to the exact number of carbs being the same as I have yet to learn the art of carb counting.

However, I can say that the shake after yesterday disappointment I can tolerate them and can admit I made an error on day, I read the 14 plan booklet at the weekend but yesterday know I had to do the 3 shakes an no meals so didn’t think to pick it up again and referred to the tub of Almased as to how to make the shake. On the tub it says 250ml of water to 5 heaped tbsp. of powder, but in the booklet its 300-350ml – oops! Have to admit watered down by even that extra 50ml of water it didn’t make a difference to the take one word marmite lol, I did however feel quite hungry at lunch time and the feeling did not pass till I had my evening shake.


I can say whether it’s down to the Almased or just something else but the nauseous feeling hasn’t passed and today I have been wishing for my bed all day and my stomach keep grumbling but I’m not hungry in fact when I made my kids dinner I was almost sick with the smell and it was just fish cakes and potatoes. Even the smell of my favourite pizza had me turning (and no I’m not expecting, lol).

So this evening is drawing to a close and as I’m feeling like I could sleep for a week, I’m going to get myself off to bed with the daughter and see what tomorrow brings.


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