Private medical insurance is available to people with diabetes to give you the peace of mind of being able to access medical treatment privately and at the earliest opportunity.

There is no need to worry about waiting lists or sharing a ward with eight strangers, you can get immediate treatment at the best hospitals the UK has to offer.

Most providers or brokers will advise you that if you are already diabetic you will not now or ever be able to get private insurance covering this condition or anything that can be related to it, this, however, is not the case.

We work with a specialist medical insurance broker called Healthnet Services , who have access to a policy that can cover you for potential future conditions relating to diabetes like heart conditions, strokes or eye issues.

What is covered by health insurance?

Medical insurance will not only cover you for future issues relating to diabetes but also for the more run of the mill conditions that may crop up such as joint replacements, hernia’s, knee arthroscopy or hysterectomies etc.

A lot of people are concerned regarding the cancer cover the NHS currently offers and more specifically the availability of the “super drugs” that can cost over £50,000 per course.

Currently, it is a postcode lottery as to whether you receive them or not, you may not have access to them but a friend who lives 5 minutes away will.

These drugs are available privately for as long as a specialist recommends them again giving you have the peace of mind to know you will have access to all available treatments and drugs no matter for what time period or how much they cost.

Is my diabetes covered by health insurance?

Healthnet Services can provide quotations over the phone in a matter of minutes, all they would require is to confirm some very basic information. Quotes can be obtained individually, with a partner or on a family basis.

If you would like any further information or a quote please call one of Healthnet’s specialist advisors on 0800 999 2969 or complete the enquiry form for an advisor to call you back at a time convenient for yourself.

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