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Unistix 3

Unistix 3

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Unistix 3
Unistix 3

Unistik 3 is a way to do blood sampling without the pain. Each lancet uses Zone Technology, which is designed to takes the mind off pain by distracting it.

Pressing Unistik 3’s ‘Comfort Zone’ of 8 raised dots against the skin sends a message of comfort to the brain.

Release button

The, when you click Unistik 3’s release butto, the lancet penetrates the skin, but the dominant Comfort Zone sensation means the pain ‘message’ to the brain is greatly reduced.

The twist-off protective cap keeps the lancet sterile. After use, the lancets retract to eliminate chances of any accidents happening.

Very easy to use, the whole thing takes just one-click and the finger-pricking part of the blood test is done. You can get Unistik 3 on prescription.

  • Call Owen Mumford’s Medical Shop customer services on 01993 810052.
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