Extreme Daytime Sleepiness May Be Diabetes Sign

5th September 2005
Recent research suggests that extreme sleepiness could be a sign of depression or a diabetic, even if a person does not sleep well.
Out of a random sample of 16,500 men and women aged 20 to 100 years old Americans, 8.7 percent experienced extreme day time sleepiness.
Researchers have discovered that extreme daytime sleepiness is highy connected with depression and obesity rather than with sleep-disordered breathing or sleep disruption.
Depression was the key factor for extreme daytime sleepiness because the metabolism slows down.
Those who are being treated for depression are three times as likely to experience extreme sleepiness than others.
There is a strong correlation between extreme daytime sleepiness and diabetes. Individuals with diabetes are two times more likely to report extreme daytime sleepiness than those who are not.
Overweight people are also more likely to experience extreme daytime sleepiness.
Extreme daytime sleepiness is more common in people less than 30 and those aged 75+, suggesting greater medical illness and health problems.

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