Obesity levels soar in the UK, diabetes future grim

A shocking figure has been reported in the UK this week. An estimated total of 700,000 UK children are now classified as being clinically obese. Many studies and expert opinion indicates that this soaring level of obesity will lead to even greater problems further down the line, as the epidemics of heart disease and diabetes increase and strike at a younger population.
The new set of statistics has alarming implications for the healthcare system in the future. It is estimated that 36 per cent of all girls, and 28 per cent of boys are now either overweight or obese. Almost 25 per cent are showing signs of clogged arteries, high blood pressure and diabetes.
The reason for the enormous emerging problem are likely to be found in increasing junk food consumption and a lack of exercise. Type 2 diabetes is beginning to become common amongst children, particularly the obese. Health experts have voiced fears that up to 60,000 children could be affected.
The statistics were revealed following two large obesity studies, and the scale of the problem continues to grow. One expert, at the head of the International Obesity Taskforce, was reported as saying: “more than 160,000 obese children in the UK are likely to show a range of indicators of cardio-vascular disease, including high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels.”

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