Takeda and Eli Lilly break of diabetes drug partnership

In the field of pharmaceutical marketing, many smaller biotechnological and pharmaceutical firms team up with larger corporations to market their products . For some companies this can make the crucial difference between success and failure. The Japanese based company Takeda Pharmaceutical Co limited have announced today that they will cease their marketing collaboration with the US based giant Eli Lilly &Co.
Together, the companies successfully marketed the popular type 2 diabetes treatment drug Actos in the US. The drug actos is Takeda’s proprietary, meaning that they own the rights to it. However, since 1999 Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc. (one arm of the Japanese drugmaker) in conjunction with Eli Lilly, have been selling Actos.
The recent decision by Takeda means that it will now regain complete control over all sales and marketing responsibilities for both Actos and pioglitazone in the US, following the agreement signed in 1998. Eli Lilly retains the marketing rights to sell Actos in parts of Asia and Europe as well as Canada and Mexico .
The shift in procedure is not expected to have an enormous impact on the industry.

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