American Diabetes Association influences congress

The American Diabetes Association (ADA), one of the foremost diabetes charities in the world, will do its best to influence Congress to make sure diabetes prevention and research efforts are at the top of their agenda.
The Bush Administration earlier this year proposed an $11 million cut in diabetes research funding at the National Institutes of Health, as well as at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (DCD.) These cuts have not been enacted, but continuing 2006 levels of finance will not cut it, according to the ADA.
The ADA raised the point that diabetes and diabetes complications were surging nationally, and diabetes research funding must be increased by 5 per cent. Larry Deeb, the President of Medicine &Science at the American Diabetes Associatio, said: “Congress still needs to step up to the plate and recognize the tremendous national need to support diabetes research and prevention efforts. Diabetes is growing rapidly in the United States, but the Administration and the 109th Congress has failed to invest in exciting research and effective treatment and prevention efforts. To stem the tide of the diabetes epidemic, the new Congress must make the commitment to increase federal funding for efforts that can lead toward a cure and widespread prevention.”

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