Further links between diabetes and obesity

The evidence that draws a direct link between being overweight and being susceptible to the development of diabetes is mounting. The two conditions, obesity and diabetes, are certainly linked. A new study has found that children who are obese are over twice as likely to have diabetes as those children who are of a normal weight.
The study was completed at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. They also indicated that around 230,000 American children now have diabetes, and a third of these are obese. Furthermore, the researchers said, the future of the health system could possibly depend on preventing further spread.
The author of the study, Dr Joyce Lee, released the following statement: “The large number of children with diabetes in the U.S., and the potential for increasing numbers of children developing diabetes with the obesity epidemic, has serious implications for how these children will receive appropriate health care now and as they grow into adulthood.”
The study was conducted from data collected during the National Survey of Children’s Health. The disease was found to be more prevalent amongst older children. The results of the study, which are already causing concern amongst the healthcare community, are published in the leading journal, Diabetes Care.

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