GlaxoSmithKline short on drugs

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the most powerful pharmaceutical institutions in the world, is currently suffering from severe shortages on some of its popular drugs, including the diabetes drug Avandamet. The revelations come following a reported processing plant problem in Puerto Rico, and may have implications for US sufferers.
The plant, located at Cidra in Puerto Rico, is currently not producing due to an administration conflict involving the FDA (Food and Drug Administration.) A consent decree with the authority was signed, involving the regulation of drug-splitting and ingredient distribution. New documentation is blocking the manufacturing of the plant.
Glaxo remained confident in the face of adversity, however, and a spokeswoman reported that it would not be a long-lasting problem. She further intimated that financial impacts would be negligible, and that the quality of the drugs would not be diminished.
The FDA picked up problems in some Glaxo drugs in April, and the company agreed to a $650 million bond if they did not recondition or destroy the produce to rectify the situation. The drugs affected by the situation include heart drug Coreg, and together make up a 5% share of Glaxo’s sales.

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