Liraglutide, an experimental stand-alone diabetes drug, has been earmarked as a success following its presentation at the ADA (American Diabetes Association) scientific meeting, conducted in Washington .
Novo Nordisk, who are researching the drug, said that it dramatically improved low blood sugar levels, and could be used as a stand-alone therapy for hypoglycaemia. Novo Nordisk tested the drug over the course of 14 weeks and using 165 patients. They trailed the drug at three dosages (0.65mg, 1.25mg, 1.9mg.) The highest dosage was particularly effective in lowering blood sugar levels.
The study was conducted at the University of Copenhage, and the professor in charge was reported as saying: “This was more than highly statistically significant, it was one of the biggest reductions in haemoglobin A1C of any studies seen before.” The drug also reportedly causes patients to lose weight, a major advantage for any diabetes drug.
Byetta, a drug from Eli Lilly and Co. has experienced massive success because of its weight loss side effects. Both Byetta and Liraglutide cause patients to lose weight without altering diet or lifestyle. However, experts were quick to caution that more extensive trials were needed to determine how liraglutide caused weight loss. The drug also lowers blood pressure, according to Novo. Larger phase III trials are expected to take place this year.

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