The future of diabetes is certainly looking more positive, as recent studies have forecast novel treatments, and even cures, that will one day hopefully radically alter how we treat the disease. The latest report comes from American, where three separate university studies published in the journal Science report that they have independently reached a startling conclusion. Mice who have diabetes may recover from the disease if researchers stop the immune system attack that causes the disease.
The discovery has actually been medical news for some time, but has not gained widespread acceptance. It has powerful implications for type 1 diabetes sufferers, and if it transfers successfully to human trial models then it could mean a way of reversing the disease.
The original report was met with some surprise, and initially scepticism. The pancreas, people thought, could not cure itself: there was no ‘cure’ for diabetes. This study proves that, in mice at the least, this is not true. The fact that three separate papers (from Chicago, Washington and Joslin at Harvard) all confirm the same result means it is indisputable.
One expert, a DR. Buse from the Diabetes Care Centre based in the University of North Carolina hinted that there were two possibly outcomes from the study. “This treatment works for mice but no derivation of it will ever work for humans. Or this is the paradigm leap that is necessary to find the cure for Type 1 diabetes.” However, he advises caution, and suspects that it may not work in humans.

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