Eating without care a diabetes and obesity precursor

Overeating can be a major stepping-stone in the route to obesity, and people can leave themselves open to the possibility just by the choices they make when shopping. According to Brian Wansink, an expert in Nutrition, the fight against diabetes and obesity starts in the home .
According to Wansink, who spoke out at a meeting between the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, the blame does not lie with the government, good manufacturers, or fast food outlets. Apparently, most people overeat because too much food is put in front of them.
Wansink carried out several novel studies to prove his ideas, including giving cinema goers two types of popcorn, serving food in different portions and using different sized serving spoons. The Canadian Diabetes Association praised his evidence as particularly strong.
Food choices are the major thing to be aware of when it comes to preventing diabetes and obesity. Wansink concluded: “The typical person believes they make about 30 decisions related to food a day. By the end of the day, most people have made well over 200 decisions. But the problem is, nobody realizes that. Most of us believe we make a few here, there and wherever. What we’re not aware of is how the environment is influencing us again and again in our decisions.”

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