Native Indians and Alaskans hit by diabetes

According to a report government health experts posed to Congress on Thursday, Native Alaskans and American Indians face a greater threat of diabetes than any other ethnic group, and the disease is running wild through the younger population.
Charles Grim, the head of the Indian Health Service, revealed some powerful statistics indicating a large increase in prevalence amongst teens and pre-teens. He reportedly said: “In some communities, the prevalence rate is as high as 60 percent among adults.”
The report came as the expiry date looms for diabetes treatment and prevention programs amongst Indian populations. Dr. Brosseau, speaking on the matter, called for the programs to be renewed: “We don’t want history to repeat itself. Funding increases for alcohol treatment resulted in decreases in mortality rates, but when the funding was discontinued, mortality rates increased again.”
Some ethnic communities are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes than others, and finding culturally appropriate treatments is the key to successful prevention.

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