Asians face higher diabetes risk

The Asian population is particularly at risk of diabetes, especially those who have poor nutrition during early live and then become used to a plentiful, sugar-rich diet .
Traditional Asian diets are being fast eroded by unhealthy, obesity-provoking fast-food in many Asian cities. Across the whole continent, health experts say, a newly wealthy middle class of Asian people are ignoring a diet of vegetables and rice in favour of foods loaded with saturated fats. The price of this new dietary direction? Diabetes, in massive quantities.
Eating fatty foods, not taking exercise, and gaining excess weight can cause diabetes. Amongst Asians particularly, when a metabolism has adjusted to a healthy diet, replacing this rapidly has a massive impact.
One expert, Professor Clive Cockram, reportedly commented: “If you have a poor early life and you then rapidly move into the direction of plenty, you may be more at risk.” He continued: “The human organism has evolved with a lot of protective mechanisms that are basically developed over millennia to protect us from starvation and deprivation and from being hunted down and killed.”

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