Diabetes care burden rivals complications

According to the majority of diabetic patients, the difficulty involved in managing diabetes influences quality of life as much as the complications associated with the disease.
New research conducted at the University of Chicago indicated that the inconvenience is particularly acute amongst those diabetic who take several forms of medication every day. Sometimes, this can include aspiri, multiples pills for blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and daily insulin injections. Diabetics face further inconvenience because they need to control their diet and exercise regularly.
Dr. Elbert Huang, the lead author of the study, reportedly commented: “An important minority of patients believe that comprehensive diabetes treatments have a significant negative impact on quality of life that is comparable to that of life with complications. We did not know that such a large proportion of patients would report this.”
Complications were found to become more distressing once they reached end stage, particularly stroke, kidney failure and blindness.

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