Diabetes treatment succeeds in Russian trial

Living Cell Technologies have revealed outstanding new results from a DiabeCell trial conducted in Russia . Shares in the company climbed by some 61 per cent due to an excellent response to the new diabetes treatment .
DiabeCell is a new type of treatment for insulin-dependent diabetics . The treatment is able to be administered with no need for immunosuppressant drugs, unlike many other modern diabetes treatments .
The DiabeCell treatment is based on stem cell research, in which a small dose of live microencapsulated pig islets are injected into the abdomens of diabetes patients with type 1.
Professor Bob Elliot, the medical director of Living Cell, reportedly commented: “Control of blood glucose levels has been maintained while his daily insulin requirement was gradually reduced by about 40% over the past 4 months. These early stage results have exceeded our expectations, with one patient no longer dependant on insulin therapy following the smallest dose of DiabeCell. This outstanding result increases the prospects of DiabeCell® as an effective commercial product for diabetes.”

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