A new study announced to the world yesterday, which links female breast cup size to risk of type 2 diabetes, has faced some criticism in the global diabetic news today.
The study indicates that bra size at age 20 could be an indicator of type 2 diabetes, with women of larger cup sizes more susceptible to diabetes . Although the researchers adjusted for a variety of factors, the study has drawn criticism.
The lead author of the study, which was published in the journal of the Canadian Medical Associatio, Dr. Joel Ray, defended his research by reportedly commenting: “The last thing I want to do is be freaking out a lot of D cup women, and also offending a lot of women along the way. Or having their doctors asking them whether they can measure their cup size or something like that. At this point it would be so wrong and premature.”
However, Dr. Finegood, the scientific director of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes at the Canadian Institute of Health Research, said that other factors were of greater relevance. She reportedly commented: “In my opinion this is the sort of study that doesn’t give the individual reader of the newspaper a whole lot of helpful information. It’s interesting from an academic point of view. But from a practical care point of view I don’t think it says a lot.”

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