Diabetes UK call for more support

Diabetes UK, the foremost diabetes charity in the UK, are calling for increased levels of psychological help for young people suffering from type 1 diabetes . Fresh research on the subject indicates that as many as a third of diabetics in this age demographic show symptoms of being depressed .
Diabetes and depression is a common problem, and one that is often not met with targeted support. The study, conducted at Fremantle Hospital in Western Australia alongside the University of Western Australia indicated that 35 per cent of young adults with type 1 diabetes were facing depression . This state, the researchers concluded, caused poorer glycaemic control.
Simon O’Neill, the Director of Care, Information and Advocacy Services at Diabetes UK, reportedly commented: “We are deeply concerned about these research findings. Young people with Type 1 diabetes need to feel that they are receiving the right support and advice when it comes to managing their condition to help reduce their levels of psychological distress.”

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